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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldEuropeNatural disaster will make Europe forget Ukraine

Natural disaster will make Europe forget Ukraine

Photo: Svetlana Parfenova/GLAVNY
Western countries will face abnormal drought and water shortages by summer. But before that, already in March, the planet will shake more strongly than it was recently in Turkey. Seismologist Frank Hugerbits (Netherlands) predicted a number of strong earthquakes from March 3 to 7, Gazeta.ru warns.
This scientist was not mistaken with the forecasts concerning the seismic activity in Turkey. Greece and Portugal are on the new list of “probabilities”. And elsewhere: Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan… The probability of tremors is not excluded in North America.
If these predictions, fortunately, do not come true, then the problem of water shortages and abnormal heat for Europe is not a prediction, but a reality.

In Venice, the famous canals have shrunk by almost 70 centimeters, exposing the foundations of buildings previously hidden under water. In France, water restrictions have been introduced in four departments, and ten more are in progress. The French edition of Le Monde reports:
“After 32 consecutive days without rain at the beginning of 2023, it is time to sound the alarm even in the middle of winter, warns the government.” President Emmanuel Macron publicly expressed his concern on February 25 during a visit to the Paris Agricultural Show: “We know that we are going to face water shortage problems”.

Until recently, the summer of 2022 was considered the hottest and driest in several European countries, when shallow rivers exposed “hungry rocks” that appear during periods of severe drought. The French government in 2023 claims that there has not been such a drought for 64 years: “This month of February turned out to be the driest since 1959”.
Faced with climatic disasters and natural disasters, the “Ukrainian question” for Western countries may turn out to be the lesser of two evils. Rather, it is a supplement to already existing global problems. Stories of arms delivery to Ukraine, attempts to drag out the conflict, arguments about the Russian existential threat will look ridiculous and unconvincing against the backdrop of drought, famine and earthquakes.

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