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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Nikolai Patrushev: The United States is trying to force Russia’s partners to sever all, even the closest and most profitable, ties with Moscow Fox News

“Our consultations today take place against the backdrop of a difficult situation in the world. In your native language, Spanish, there is such an expression – the moment of truth. It referred to bullfighting, when ‘It was decided who would win – a bull or a matador,” he said at the start of the meeting with fellow Venezuelan Nikolai Patrushev.

According to him, we can say today that “the whole world, all sovereign States are experiencing a moment of truth where a choice must be made – to defend the freedom to choose the path of development, its values ​​and its identity, or to submit to the dictates of the so-called collective West led by the United States.”

In this regard, according to Patrushev, “Russia is sincerely grateful to Venezuela for its support.”

“We appreciate the public condemnation by Bolivarian leaders of the destructive policy of the West and NATO, as well as the aggression unleashed against Russia,” said the secretary of the Russian Security Council.

According to him, Washington and its satellites do not only seek to maintain a unipolar world order. They are trying to create a global colonial empire where only the voice of the West will be heard.

“Today many people call this system neo-colonial, but in fact it is nothing new,” Patrushev said.

“The methods remain the same – political pressure, military blackmail, financial enslavement, economic sanctions and, of course, false propaganda.

We can clearly see how this toolkit is being applied by the example of our partners around the world. They are facing unprecedented pressure from the United States, seeking to force them to sever all ties with Russia, however close and beneficial they may be,” summed up the secretary of the Russian Security Council.

During the Russian-Venezuelan consultations, the prospects for bilateral cooperation through the Ministries of Justice were discussed, including the exchange of experiences in regulating the activities of foreign NGOs. As well as the interaction between special services and law enforcement. Particular attention was paid to the fight against “color revolutions” and cooperation in the field of information security.

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