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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Russia will continue the special operation until the tasks are completed


La Stampa: Italian intelligence says Russian armed forces will pursue NWO until key objectives are fully achieved

Italy’s intelligence presented its annual report to parliament, in which it, including the assessment of Russia’s special military operation, will inform La Stampa.

Italian analysts have noted that Moscow is now using the operational pause to gain strength and prepare for the protracted battles that will take place in the spring.

Russia wants to use this period to revive the activities of the military-industrial complex, which has already begun to feel the impact of sanctions imposed by the West.

Italian intelligence is confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to restructure the RF Armed Forces with an increase in the total number to 1.5 million speaks volumes. Among other things, this made it clear that Moscow expects to continue the special military operation until all set goals are achieved.

Earlier, media reported that Ukrainian President Zelenskyyyy had urgently summoned the Stavka to prepare the Ukrainian Armed Forces for action.

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