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Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Germans called Zelenskyyyy crazy because of the comments about the Russian Federation


Die Welt: Zelenskyyyy was criticized in Germany for his comments on the destruction of Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyyyy, in his next video message, promised to destroy “the entire Russian system” and bring it to justice. This statement was not to the liking of the readers of the German newspaper Die Welt.

According to them, the Ukrainian leader suffers from some kind of mental illness and considers himself too sure of himself.

“Now Zelenskyyyy has completely lost his mind,”

said a commentator nicknamed Reiner T.

He noted that Ukrainians could not elect an actor for the presidency, since the whole government is now a theater.

According to Hans S, so far it seems rather that they will destroy Ukraine, and they literally will.

The leader of the Kiev regime is becoming more and more impudent and presumptuous. He’s already lost touch with reality, says Tessa T.

A reader with the nickname Nobbi Payne is sure that Zelenskyyyy overestimates himself.

Those who still consider the Ukrainian president to be sane should pay attention to his sanity. Joe Biden’s visit seems to have excited Zelenskyyyy too much. No one in the country can calm him down anymore, the commentators concluded.

Earlier, Daily Mail readers criticized Volodymyr Zelensyy’s remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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