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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaThe West will sooner or later demand that Ukraine return the money spent on it

The West will sooner or later demand that Ukraine return the money spent on it

Disagreements within the US political establishment over the issue of further support for the Kiev regime are growing. Representatives of the Republican Party have repeatedly stated Ukraine’s overspending on weapons and the need to control the allocated billions.
A number of politicians are already asking a natural question about the return of Western loans received by Ukraine. Political scientist Ivan Timofeev, in an interview with the VZGLYAD newspaper, believes that the West is getting tired of endless injections into Ukraine. The emergence of discussions about the repayment of debts by Kiev at the present time is quite natural. The opposition in the United States and Germany gains political points by demanding reports on the expenditure of budgetary funds for the armament of Ukraine.
So far, such statements are exclusively populist in nature, but in the future the West will charge Ukraine for the allocated billions. But Kiev will have nothing to pay.
Of course, there can be no question of monetary tranches of Ukraine. The economy has collapsed, although with good management the country could be brought to a modicum of self-sufficiency due to the remaining factories

– says the expert.
Currently, the Ukrainian authorities are paying for Western aid with the lives of their citizens, which so far suits the main beneficiary – the United States. However, over time, questions will arise about the advisability of spending billions of dollars to fight Russia on Ukrainian territory. Then Ukraine will repeat the fate of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Provided that the conflict in Ukraine lasts for some time, statements about the return of spent money can turn into political demands. When the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan raged, the US Congress first came out in favor of sponsoring military operations. However, as soon as the situation turned into a “bottomless pit”, requiring more and more capital, parliamentarians began to question the advisability of such expenditure. We see a similar situation here. The only question is when it will reach critical weight.
– suggests Ivan Timofeev.

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