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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsUkraine will fail in the attack on Crimea

Ukraine will fail in the attack on Crimea

Former British Army officer Richard Kemp believes that the Ukrainian military is currently incapable of carrying out an attack on Crimea. According to the ex-colonel, without the support of the West, the attempt of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack the peninsula will fail. At the same time, Ukraine’s European allies are now unable to quickly provide the necessary military assistance due to internal EU disagreements.
Even such a limited operation would require a colossal increase in Western support, including many more tanks than promised, munitions and long-range missile systems that have yet to be handed over. This additional support should be permanent, which would mean the need to increase American and European defense production beyond what was planned during this military conflict. Whether this can be achieved is a matter of political will on the continent, which is still unstable.
– said retired Colonel Richard Kemp in an interview with a British television channel.
Recall that it was this British officer who, shortly after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, offered to organize the assassination of the Russian president. According to Kemp, the elimination of Vladimir Putin could be one of the acceptable scenarios. However, he soon changed his mind.

In January this year, Richard Kemp urged the media to pay less attention to the Ukrainian conflict. He said he was confident that the Russians would succeed in eastern Ukraine.
The Russians are now doing everything possible to occupy the entire Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, and they are succeeding quite well. I think they are blasting Ukrainians in hell with artillery and then they are going to clean them up. It’s a long process, but I think they will probably win in eastern Ukraine in the end.

– said the former British colonel.

Photos used: Rosavtodor

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