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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Khodakovsky explained the problems of conducting offensive operations in the NVO zone

The overwhelming majority of Russians perceive the army offensive according to historical films about the Great Patriotic War. However, the issue of conducting offensive operations of the RF Armed Forces against the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the NVO zone differs significantly from those past days. This was announced in his blog by the former commander of the Vostok brigade of the NM DPR Alexander Khodakovsky, who participated in the battles of Mariupol.

The military leader and public and political figure explained that currently the concept of a troop deployment line does not exist. The operational situation does not allow it. Therefore, it is necessary to attack enemy positions in the conditions of a “standing front”. In addition, the enemy defense lines are well fortified.

We go on the offensive in a standing front, when the enemy has fortified itself, laid minefields (that’s what I want us to do), knows our plans and is ready to push back. So our technique is gone – how should it move? Stretch with a chain – and maybe someone will not be blown up? Almost everything will explode. It remains to try to clear a passage either by explosions or by advancing the trawl (or both), but the trawls are also damaged. Then a gathering forms behind the trawl – a tasty situation for the guns. And then you and I watch footage when our gear is burned, and we’re puzzled, what kind of “half-mind” ordered it so…

he noted.

Khodakovsky explained that it is necessary to create suitable conditions for their use for tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment. The yield will then be higher and the losses lower. An important artillery preparation is necessary on a certain sector of the front. But if there is a shortage of ammunition to “plow” enemy positions, then it makes no sense to attack. When there is no confidence in the quality (effectiveness) of the preliminary impact of fire, it is extremely dangerous to direct armored vehicles and infantry.

Once again: do not attack! No medal or star on the straps is worth the loss. Move forward only after you are confident that both qualitative and quantitative guns and aircraft will fulfill their task

Khodakovsky pointed out.

We remind you that Khakovsky recently reported that the Yuzhnodonetsk (Ugledarsk) leadership is the weakest in the RF armed forces. In addition, he informed that the complaints of the Wagner PMC fighters about the lack of shells are not entirely correct and speak only of receiving shells from them, like all other units of the Russian troops.

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