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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“Why scare people?” In which regions of Russia have canceled the verification of warning systems

After hacker attacks on Russian television and radio, authorities in many parts of the country canceled an early warning systems audit scheduled for the morning of March 1. At the same time, a training alarm sounded in the border region of Belgorod.

The transfer of the check to another time, in particular, was reported by the authorities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations Voronezh, Tomsk, samara, Lipetsk And Ryazan Regions, TatarstanAnd Krasnodar Territory. Verification of warning systems was also dropped in Smolensk And Kaliningrad areas.

To the press service of the administration of the Tomsk administration said “Interfax” that the transfer of the check is associated “with hacker attacks on the communications infrastructure” and applies to all regions of Russia.

At the same time, in the Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine, which was repeatedly bombed, they did not cancel a full check of the warning systems, reported Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. “It’s planned work. Despite the enemies trying to bring us down. <…> For us, the key is the safety of all the inhabitants of the region,” he explained.

At 10:40 an alarm heard residents of Belgorod and other towns in the region. In addition, cars equipped with loudspeakers were driving in some streets. At the same time, according to, the siren was not heard in the village of Sevryukovo and the village of Novosadovoe, and SMS alerts came only after the first alarm signal.

The edge Kursk And Bryansk regions, according to reports from regional governments, the test of the warning system has been postponed. The press service of the Kursk region did not respond to calls from RTVI.

Bryansk region governor Alexander Bogomaz told RTVI that the check was “carried out”, but “according to a truncated version”.

“Why scare people? We checked the system, everything is working, everything is ready,” he added.

In addition, a verification of warning systems was organized in the Saratov region, but without turning on the sirens, informed Head of the Department of Personal Security of the Saratov region Yuri Yurin.

False alarms on television and radio

On February 28, in the Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk regions, as well as in Voronezh and Belgorod, air alerts sounded on television and radio. In the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the appearance of an air raid signal on the airwaves is explained by the hacking of the servers of television channels and radio stations. The ministry clarified that the information expressed “is false and does not correspond to reality”. Crimean authorities reported that hackers also attacked the broadcast of one of the Crimean radio stations. By data “Vedomosti”, a false alarm was organized via the satellite of “Gazprom”.

On February 23, the Ukrainian anthem and the appeal of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Kirill Budanov, were broadcast on radio in Crimea, who said that “Crimea, Donbass and all of southern Ukraine will come home forever. Local authorities also explained the incident as a break-in. A day earlier, on February 22, in Pyatigorsk, Tyumen, Tula, Voronezh, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Magnitogorsk, an announcement was made on the radio about an air alert and the threat of a missile strike.The Ministry of Emergency Situations called the announcement of the air raid warning false and explained it like a hacker attack.

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