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Friday, March 31, 2023

A poignant vocal dispatch from a juvenile Lebanese chap to his comrade prior to discharging himself.


A young Lebanese man shot himself because of the difficult living situation he had reached, and left a touching message to his close friend, begging him to take care of his family.

And the Lebanese National News Agency reported this morning, Thursday, according to Al-Jazeera Net, that the body of the young Musa Al-Shami, who was born in 1991 and comes from the town of Jarjoua, was found near his house in the town of Deir Al-Zahrani, and he was shot.

A recording spread in which Musa recommends his friend to take care of his wife and two children, after he revealed to him his intention to commit suicide. The security forces did not comment on the incident or resolve the cause of death.

Social networking sites were abuzz with a message from Musa to his friend "Alloush" In it, he speaks in a sad and intermittent voice, begging him to take care of his family, especially his daughter, Jouri, and telling him that he can no longer bear it amid the deteriorating living conditions.

Moses said to his friend "I did not find anyone but you to write to, you are the one I know the most who has a strong heart and knows how to behave, I am now in front of the building and I am going to commit suicide, calm down and take care of yourself and pray, horse and jouri, they are a trust in your neck".

Moussa confirmed – while addressing his friend – that he could no longer bear it, and that the burdens had become greater than his capacity, asking everyone to forgive him, and not to speak ill of him, again asking him to take care of his family after his death.

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