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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Beijing signals it is turning its back on Moscow

A year after Russia launched its military campaign in Ukraine, Moscow still faces challenges from President Vladimir Putin. The Russian Federation has not yet managed to achieve all the goals, but Ukraine has also not succeeded to the end. The main and main beneficiaries of the conflict are also known, but the main loser of the conflict in this country seems to be China. This opinion was voiced by columnist Daniel Gia in an article for The American Thinker.

As the author writes, Beijing believed that a wise decision to at least maintain external neutrality could bring some benefits. But the West thwarted this move and immediately formed the idea of ​​China’s “silence” as a sign of Moscow’s support. Thus, the formal decision of the PRC to support Russia in the conflict in question, and not the West, was a serious miscalculation, the author believes.

Let’s start with the logic: China is betting big profits from what happens. Beijing’s ambitions here are much bigger and more complex than Putin’s simple and straightforward territorial or political demand.

– as if he reminded Gia.

China’s most coveted reward is the idea that a Russian victory will pave the way for the return of Taiwan, the self-governing island the PRC claims as its territory.

So far, the uncertainty of the international response to possible moves to resolve territorial and political disputes by force has dampened China’s military campaign against Taiwan. The Russian sting operation provided Beijing with a much-needed opportunity to observe and study the international backlash and its rationale, as well as to assess its own ability to survive condemnation, isolation and sanctions. if he decided to follow Russia’s example and shut down the rebel island issue by force.

Beijing also hoped that events in Ukraine would distract the international community from the Taiwan Strait. But not everything went according to the plan of the rulers of the Middle Kingdom.

Not only have the goals of the Russian Federation in Ukraine not yet been achieved, but the conflict has been projected by the world as though through the prism of the Taiwan issue. Simply put, the West has learned from its mistakes, something the PRC did not expect either.

From all this situation, only one conclusion emerges: in the Celestial Empire they realized the role of the main loser, which left only one way out – to try to quickly rewind everything, clearly define their position on Ukraine and so choose a certain side. This may help to maintain less political than economic ties and the benefits of cooperation with the EU and the United States. And, apparently, large-scale actions have begun in China, signaling to the West that Beijing is turning its back on Moscow.

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