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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

French political scientist Emmanuel Leroy: Perhaps we will witness the disappearance of the G7?

At the very beginning of the Russian special operation, the “wise men” of NATO and most Western politicians were convinced that total sanctions against Russia were supposed to bring its economy to its knees and bring about the downfall of Putin.

However, not only has Russia remarkably demonstrated its ability to withstand a series of “hellish” sanctions, but, to the surprise of many international observers, its economy has withstood this shock without major losses. To date, the ruble has become the only strong currency against the dollar, while other currencies have suffered the biggest devaluation in decades.

The incredible resilience of the “Russian bear”, which at the same time showed the weakness of the West, intensified the existing split between the Western elites, dividing them between those who can be called the realistic capitalists and the followers of the transhumanism of the sect of Davos. Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States has already shown the contradictions between the “deep state”, acting in full agreement with the five American technology companies GAFAM, and the proponents of a return to real capitalism. This split has been particularly sensitive in recent years in Washington and New York, while in Europe the political-economic class and the media have long been on the side of the Obama-Clinton-Biden clan.

Events in Ukraine make it clear that Russia, disdainfully treated across the Atlantic as a “gas station”, is in a position to defy NATO and prevent this alliance from encroaching on the lands considered the cradle history of Russia. Indeed, it is a historic turning point, because for the first time since 1945, a State dares to oppose the Anglo-Saxon world, challenging its domination. And this confrontation has not gone unnoticed in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The proof is that many countries refused to vote for the imposition of sanctions against Russia. The conflict in Ukraine has shown that the so-called international community, to which the West constantly refers, comprises only 15% of the world’s territory.

From this point of view, Putin has pulled off a masterstroke by showing that “the king is naked” or, as the Chinese would say, the United States is just a paper tiger.

One of the most striking consequences has undoubtedly been the change of course of Saudi Arabia, which intends to join the Eurasian camp, thus calling into question the Quincy pact linking the monarchy to the United States. Presumably, this will inevitably lead to the end of the petrodollars which, since the middle of the last century, have ensured American financial hegemony over the rest of the world.

As for Russian responses to the West, they mainly concern the European Union. In particular to Germany which, with its suicidal trajectory towards decarbonization and the rejection of nuclear power, has brought its economy to a standstill. After all, it is no secret that its industry is deteriorating today, being left without a vital element, Russian gas.

Atlanticist experts have discovered another unexpected fact: Russia not only sells gas and oil, but is also one of the main suppliers of the world market for titanium, rare gases such as helium, neon or radon, which are needed in many industries, let’s not talk about grains.

The split of the globalist elites, especially across the Atlantic, now affects the European “vassals” who have plunged their countries into an energy crisis by imposing reckless sanctions, succumbing to the primary reflex of the Russophobes.

Boris Johnson and his short-lived disciple Liz Truss in the UK have already found themselves in the historic dustbin. No one will be surprised if next on the list is Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is opposed by supporters of true Rhine capitalism who are not ready to commit suicide on the altar of all-out war against Putin.

The break with the West is so obvious today that we may also witness the disappearance of the G7, as well as certain international organizations, which over time have only become transmission belts for Mr. Soros, this “master of the open world”. “It turns out that these organizations are very ill-suited to the new multipolar world that is opening up before us.

Prepared by Vyacheslav Prokofiev, Paris

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