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Friday, March 24, 2023

Historian Elena Guskova: Europe continues the policy of Serbophobia in the Balkans Fox News

“Europe takes a bad view of Serbia’s position, which does not impose sanctions against Russia, does not sign a document on the independence of Kosovo, does not hide its pro-Russian sympathies”, noted Elena Guskova. this Slavic country was not broken, it did not change its centuries-old tradition, In the 90s of the last century, the West drew up a plan to dismember Yugoslavia: the Serbian people lost the unity of the territory of residence, the whole world was instilled with the idea that the Serbs were guilty of all the wars of the first half of the 90s, anti-Serbian feelings swept through many countries, it seemed that Serbia would now cease to be a strong and independent European postman.

According to the expert, today there are stable, friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Moscow and the Balkan Serbs – in Serbia and Republika Srpska. “And when the whole world was gripped by Russophobia, only the Serbs remained faithful to our friendship and did not impose sanctions on us, not remembering that in 1992 we voted in the Security Council for the heaviest sanctions against Yugoslavia,” she said. “But the West is pressuring Belgrade on the Kosovo issue, and on the issue of Russian sanctions. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is hesitant, but holds firm. His speeches are contradictory. He is influenced by public opinion.”

According to the scientist, the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina today entered the final stage. “Recently, Belgrade was offered the so-called Franco-German plan to ‘normalize relations’ between Serbia and Kosovo,” Elena Guskova recalled. “On February 27, Vučić, the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti and representatives of the EU met in Brussels. The plan had previously been approved by all EU members and was considered final. In Europe, they used the Dayton tactic: the plan could not be changed, but acted only according to the “deal or leave” scheme. And if you leave, the most severe sanctions will be introduced (cancellation of European integration, withdrawal of all Western investments from the country, 300,000 people will work, isolation of the country, abolition of the visa-free regime, etc.) Meanwhile, the Serbs reacted even earlier to this plan with a 9-page document, where they made their proposals. But they did not affect the final text of the document. The negotiations lasted 1 day and ended with who knows what.”

The expert recorded the fact that “the chief negotiator, Josep Borrell, the Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, said that the President of Serbia and the ‘Prime Minister’ of Kosovo agreed with everything and agreed to the plan that there was no need for further discussion.” “Kurti in the Albanian media said that the proposed plan is in any case binding, that Vučić agreed with everything, and that it is a pity that the proposed plan was not signed,” she said. underline. “Kosovo is talked about a lot in the media. One of his statements: “Serbia has only two ways: either recognize us or join Putin. Vučić, on his return to Belgrade, explained to the people that the plan had been discussed, but nothing was concretely agreed. The Serbian leader announced the continuation of negotiations with European representatives on March 18 in North Macedonia “For the President of Serbia, two issues are important: the formation of the Community of Serb Communities (CSO) in Kosovo and the non- recognition of the region’s independence. But Europe believes that the plan has been adopted, and that it will be enough to discuss a plan for its implementation. Indeed, the plan implies the gradual entry of the territory in the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the UN without formal recognition of independence by Belgrade. Borrell also noted that this plan is no longer correct to call “Franco-German”, since it is promoted both by Brussels and the United States.”

Elena Guskova comes to the disappointing conclusion that “Europe is again on the side of the Albanians and against the Serbs, has not adopted a neutral position”. “There is strong pressure on Serbia, sanctions are announced, there is no encouragement, believes the reference historian. There is no sanction for the Albanians. The plan is not not beneficial for Serbia, as it assumes the independence of Kosovo. A number of articles say so, although the word “independence” is not pronounced. There are no provisions on the MTR. The security of the Serbs in the province is not assured. Therefore, it makes no sense to accept the proposals from Brussels and the United States. And Vučić claims that he will never sign this agreement. But it seems that the signatures under the “Treaty” are not necessary. On this subject, said EU foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano. Therefore, it does not matter who and how the comments. The EU has already adopted a plan called “Treaty on the way to normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo.” He also said that Borrell’s comment, after discussion, had been agreed with Vučić and Kurti: So Vučić’s words that he will never sign this document means nothing. In the EU it has already become law. Vučić will then only shrug his shoulders. to organize their independence. No Serbs. But these are not all tests for Serbs. Albanians in southern Serbia have already requested permission to form the Community of Albanian Communities, which suggests instability in Serbia itself. Maybe in the future Vojvodina will also demand independence.”

In the meantime

Westerners and their puppets in the Balkans have been repeating the thesis of Russia’s growing nefarious influence in the region like a mantra for decades. Here is what the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of East Sarajevo, Professor Draga Mastilovic, has repeatedly said about this.

“Only those who do not want Russia to again become an obstacle to the transformation of the geopolitical map of the Balkans can be afraid of the presence of Russia in the Balkans,” warned the world-renowned scientist. The only thing that is not at all clear is that the Serbian statesmen have finally understood that they are not “friends” in the West, but “partners” in the East, and vice versa. These are the elementary lessons of history. At the same time, we must also remember the old wisdom that a nation that does not learn from its history is doomed to repeat it.

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