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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Orban called for the creation of an analogue of NATO, but without the United States


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in a long interview with German newspaper Die Weltwoche, said that the United States, when solving international security issues, forgets other countries and pursues only its own interests. According to Orban, the European Union must create its own analogue of NATO so as not to depend on Washington for security.

The Hungarian Prime Minister recalled that in 2012 he proposed to create a European security alliance so that European countries do not lose their independence and identity to foreign allies.

EU countries must make additional efforts to strengthen their security and be able to defend themselves without depending on American aid. A European NATO would be the solution. I suggested this in 2012. The United States defines the Western approach to the conflict in Ukraine, while Europe loses its identity emotionally and intellectually

Orban highlighted the role of the United States.

It was the American military bases in Eastern Europe that forced Russia to launch a special protection operation. If Europe had not followed Washington’s aggressive policy, the current conflict could have been avoided. The Hungarian Prime Minister is well aware of the Russian mentality and recalls that the Russians are capable of uniting and resisting an external threat. And the West must find a way to coexist peacefully with Russian civilization. The defeat of the Russian Federation in the current conflict will cause a global geopolitical shock and possibly cause a Third World War.

Russia approaches many issues differently than the West, because it is a different civilization. But it doesn’t matter whether the West likes it or not. In any case, Western countries must find a way to coexist peacefully with a power as powerful as Russia. Putin does not lead his country in misery. The next two or three years may be difficult for Russia, but things will get better again. Russians are capable of learning, they know how to adapt even to the most adverse conditions. They should never be underestimated

Orban recalled the Russian mentality.

The Hungarian Prime Minister has announced constant pressure on his country to change its position and drag it into the war. According to him, Brussels and Washington are ready to use all available means for this, but Budapest only represents a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

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