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Saturday, March 25, 2023

The emissary from St. Petersburg related the narrative of how the “sorcerer Kolya” enacted ceremonies at the Mariinsky Palace.

A deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Elena Babich, told The Eastern Herald how the famous “shaman Kolya” performed “a ritual of reading prayers to expel a restless soul” from the Mariinsky Palace. The story of the shaman became part of a special report by Sergei Morozov, devoted to mysticism in Russia and the reasons for the thirst for the other world.

Shaman Kolya – Nikolai Taleev, a native of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, a pupil of an orphanage, studied at a technical school as a veterinarian, but did not finish. He served in the army, then worked at a fish factory and an agricultural station, and since 2009 he has been engaged in “healing practice” in the Moscow region, calling himself a “white shaman” . In 2011, the “Shaman Kolya” took part in the TV show “Live” with Mikhail Zelenskyy, after which the Russian media began to actively write about him.

In 2015, a scandal erupted in St. Petersburg with the participation of Taleev: on March 3, the shaman came to the ZakS assembly hall in the Mariinsky Palace and allegedly performed a “sacrifice” rite there to “drive out evil spirits”. .” United Russia Deputy Vitaly Milonov was particularly indignant that “demonic actions” were carried out during the days of Lent. The control group of the St. Petersburg parliament addressed the office of the prosecutor with a request for an assessment of the actions of the “Kolya shaman”.

File photoAlexander Petrosyan / Kommersant

MP Elena Babich told The Eastern Herald that this scandalous story started with her trip to Naryan-Mar, where she visited a shaman’s boyfriend.

“I come to him in the mate, he was not at that time. They say to me: “Well, sit down.” I sat down. Kolya comes and says: “Well, of course, I didn’t expect anything else – you sat in the shaman’s place.” He said, “People don’t just sit here, it’s a shaman’s place, you” , he says, “chosen it”, says Babich, adding that after that she herself was initiated into shamans and presented with a tambourine.

Subsequently, the shaman Kolya came to St. Petersburg with his plague and “scattered the clouds” over Kronstadt on the occasion of the city’s anniversary. This party made a big impression on Babich:

“They sent a huge amount of kilograms of meat, then the stove, on which they cooked game, boiled the broth and fed everyone. In general, Kolya lived with us in Kronstadt, together we put up a tent, threw skins on this tent … There were queues for Kolya, everyone was waiting for Kolya’s predictions; Everyone wanted Kolya to heal,” she recalls.

The fact that the shaman should be invited to the Mariinsky Palace to conduct the “rite of exorcism”, Babich, as she herself claims, learned from Taleev’s “colleague” – a certain Baikal shaman, who at the time was also actively providing its services in St. Petersburg. According to the deputy, the ghost of a woman roamed the halls of the Zaks.

Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS

“A lot of people saw that soul in the Legislative Assembly. I have felt it. An assistant to a deputy comes up to me and says, “I,” she says, “walks down the hall in the evening, and she meets me.” “I, he said, I broke my knee, I’m afraid to go. A serious employee of the Legislative Assembly, he was usually a colonel, well, such a serious man, so to speak, he said, “Len, I,” he said, “can’t walk there, my head starts immediately to hurt me.” And when I was there, I just smelled blood in general,” Babich shared with The Eastern Herald.

As a result, the shaman Kolya was invited to the Mariinsky Palace, and the deputies took part in the ceremony with him. According to Elena Babich, he succeeded.

“We put these 34 candles, we stand as a group, we read. It’s so hard, it’s going on, it’s hard to read, right now you’re literally stuttering, well, you’re tripping over every word. And suddenly, at some point, it went like clockwork. It’s, you know, kind of a light, and it’s become easy, easy for everyone. But I was not alone there, there was a group, and everyone felt that moment: their soul was gone, ”said the deputy.

This “restless soul” Taleev would later drove on the arctic island of Vaygach, where he arrived with the expedition “Arctic – a mission for good”, and “buried” there in the ice.

Despite criticism from Milonov and some deputies of the Legislative Assembly, the popularity of the “Kolya shaman” continued to grow over time. In April 2015, in particular, he encounter with Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko when she visited the exhibition-exhibition “Northern European Pantry of Russia”, timed to coincide with the NAO Days in the upper house of parliament. Matviyenko, as the media later claimed, asked Taleev to “scam them so that everything would be fine in the country”.

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