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Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Global Times reported on the purpose of US information attacks against China’s arms supply to the NVO


March 3, 2023, 02:59 – Public Information Service – TEH –

Political observer Hu Xijin noted that the United States of America planned to pressure China, trying to condemn the state for transferring weapons to the Russian Federation. In this way, Washington hopes to prevent Beijing from being part of the confrontation unfolding in Ukraine.

“Recently, America has repeatedly stated that China is preparing to provide ‘lethal military assistance’ to Russia in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. I believe the United States is making ‘preemptive charges’ to prevent China to participate in the conflict,” the Global Times newspaper quotes the text of its statement.

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He particularly drew attention to the fact that the US government is terrified that the standoff could worsen after a year-long period of NWO. From the perspective he presented, it follows that the United States expected the Russian Federation to be destroyed much sooner. The fall of the Kiev regime will be extremely humiliating for the Western world.

Recall that the head of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom, Andrei Kelin, denied the claims that the PRC provides support to the Russian Federation in terms of military operations or plans such actions.

He pointed to the fact that the Russian side has a powerful military-industrial complex, which allows it to do without the transfer of weapons from other powers. He noted that the hope that the Kiev regime can prevail is an illusion. Read more about this in the article from the public press service.

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