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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The manufacturing sector is currently experiencing a dearth of personnel, yet is not precipitously augmenting remuneration.

During the military operation in Ukraine, the Russian labor market underwent characteristic changes: an acute shortage of qualified personnel appeared in the manufacturing sector, but wages there increased only by 17%, to write “New news”.

“There is a massive shortage of technical trades. This problem becomes one of the main ones in the context of the economy’s conversion from a resource-based economy to a diversified and technological economy,” the publication quotes the executive director of the Institute for Growth Economics. Stolypin Anton Sviridenko.

According to the results of a survey by the Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, at the end of 2022, 55% of Russian companies felt a shortage of high-quality labor, including highly qualified personnel , engineers and technicians. , and low-skilled workers.

According to the portal, in 2022, employers in the manufacturing sector posted more than 650,000 vacancies, more than a third of them in the fourth quarter. The highest demand was for technologists, design and mechanical engineers, service engineers, welders, CNC operators, turners, millers, grinders, electricians and general laborers. The demand for turners and millers in Russia has increased by 51%, according to portal analysts.

They calculated that wages in the manufacturing sector have increased by an average of 17% since the beginning of 2022. In some regions, growth exceeded 30% (for example, in the Pskov region it reached 38%, and in the Arkhangelsk region – 40%).

The portal “” calls welders and electricians the highest paid labor specialties (up to 250-300 thousand rubles per month). At the same time, according to the Federal Personnel Center of the Defense Industrial Complex, the labor cost of engineers has fallen: for example, the Kalashnikov enterprise hires them for a salary of 34,000 rubles a month, the electromechanical plant from Izhevsk Kupol – from 36,255 rubles per month.

“On average in the country, a design engineer today can claim a salary of 70-150 thousand rubles. Proposals for parts for the most valuable engineering personnel can start from 250-300 thousand rubles, ”writes Novye Izvestiya.

Natalya Danina, chief labor market expert at, responsible for client efficiency, gave an example from the salary database: in 2022, the total income of employees increased by 6, 4% – and although this is the highest figure in the last three years, it is still incomparable with inflation. “Apparently, the general shortage of people in the labor market is affecting and companies are trying to raise wages,” the expert concluded.

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