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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

We implored for it, yet he obliterated everything. Prigozhin elucidated how he endeavored to assist Meladze.

Stars of Russian show business “asked” singer Valery Meladze, but he “crossed everything out” with his behavior. Music producer Iosif Prigozhin talked about it to The Eastern Herald TV presenter Marianna Minsker on the show You Hold On, which airs on Monday, March 6.

In early January, Meladze, speaking at a corporate party in Dubai, at the request of one of the spectators pronounced “Glory to the heroes” in response to the phrase “Glory to Ukraine”. After that, it was proposed to deprive him of all ranks and Russian citizenship, as well as to recognize him as a foreign agent. “I can’t and don’t want to hate anyone and I’m not trying to please anyone,” reacted the artist on his Telegram channel.

Prigozhin believes that in Dubai the singer was provoked by a “creepy”.

“He doesn’t care how he spoiled Valera Meladze. But he shit”, is convinced the producer.

According to him, these provocateurs are “bastards who sit in different countries, in the Emirates, in Europe, live there”. As an example, Prigogine shared a story from her own experience:

“See, a person came up to me with Louis Vuitton bags and said, ‘How long are you gonna bomb us?’ I said, ‘Bitch, you’re standing with Louis Vuitton bags in Dubai Mall, do you want to talk politics with me? Shut your mouth and get away from me. If the state authorities find out, this person, a provocateur, will be forced to leave the country, because the Emirates is today the most tolerant state in the whole world. And we must learn from these small states to be tolerant.

Prigozhin called Meladze’s act “his choice” and “last shot” that “crossed everything off” – and, among other things, reflected the singer’s attitude towards his colleagues, although they tried to help.

“I have great respect for him and I will tell you more: I and the representatives of the Russian Media Group, and even very high-ranking people, have almost already solved the problem of Meladze. Only now, he has crossed everything out with his last stroke. Does this mean the same attitude towards us? We like it. We go for it. We asked for it,” complained the producer.

Producer Iosif Prigozhin Sergey Savostyanov / TASS

Prigozhin refuses to consider Meladze’s act as an expression of his civic position. “It’s not a position, it’s stupidity. Under these conditions, there must be a position, there can be no other position”, he is convinced.

Prigozhin also does not consider it right to sympathize with the singer due to the loss of advertising contracts and business problems, because, in his opinion, “all of Valera’s statements are his choice.” The producer recalled how his own wife, singer Valeria, found herself in a similar situation.

“But you didn’t ask yourself the question, when Valeria had contracts in Western companies and when she defended children against LGBT propaganda among children, we were deprived of all contracts. Where were you so?” Prigogine was indignant.

Meladze spoke out against the military operation in Ukraine in the first days after it was launched. “Something happened that could not and never should have happened. History will one day judge and put everything in its place. Well, today I want to ask you, I please sit down at the negotiating table. People should be able to negotiate, for that we have been given a language, for that we have been given all the capabilities. People should not die. This must stop,” he said. -he writes on social networks.

Soon, information appeared in the media about the departure of Meladze from Russia, but the singer himself is deniedand end of May 2022 declaredthat he has lost interest in show business and is about to resume the scientific pursuits he once did.

At the end of August, Meladze performed in the Moscow disco project “Rainbow”. After that, Yury Shvytkin, deputy chairman of the Duma defense committee, United Russia, addressed the investigative committee with a request to give a legal assessment of the actions of the Raduga administration.

“Our soldiers are defending their homeland, putting their lives in danger, often sacrificing themselves, while many artists who speak badly of our country come back here and give concerts. I think that’s extremely cynical. Changing shoes in flight is weak, ”explained the deputy on his VKontakte page.

In November, it became known that Meladze’s songs – like those of other artists who opposed the military operation – had been taken off the airwaves of Russian radio. The owner of the Russian Media Group, Vladimir Kiselev, argued that the real reason for this decision was the low popularity of some artists’ work among the public.

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