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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Can people with allergies have a cat?

What if you want to become the owner of a small piece of meow, but allergies do not allow it?

The answer may seem contradictory, but just because you or another family member has an allergy doesn’t mean you can’t “foster” a kitten.

There are several ways to help you circumvent Mother Nature.

First, you can get a cat of a hypoallergenic breed. Among them are Siberians, Javanese. Balinese, Oriental, Devon Rex, Don and Canadian Sphynx and many more.

Some breeds have long, fluffy hair, others are bald, but they all have one thing in common: they reduce the risk of allergies.

Second, replace curtains with roller shutters. It would seem, how are pets and window curtains connected?

However, this question will go away on its own, since curtains play an important role in the spread of allergens.

No cat will refuse to sit on the windowsill, while contact with the curtains cannot be avoided, and they perfectly retain allergens.

Third, rugs are also prohibited. If you’re allergic, you’ve probably got rid of the shag carpets by now, but there’s likely some small carpets left over, like the ones in the front door or the bathroom.

They will also have to be removed, because allergens find refuge in carpets, and vacuuming is prohibited, since it only contributes to their spread.

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