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Northerners told how to resist phone scammers

In recent years, cases of fraud have become more frequent, due to which Russians lose impressive money. More about how things are done in the Murmansk region, in the material “MK in Murmansk”.

Recently, the Investigative Commission of the Russian Federation for the Murmansk region drew the attention of northerners to cases of telephone fraud. In the message, citizens were told what to look for to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The department shared the following scheme, which is most commonly used by scammers:

At the subscriber set (on the telephone set), a telephone number is displayed which does not correspond to the real number of the calling subscriber. For these purposes, special software tools are used, in which there is a field for specifying the desired number to be displayed by the end subscriber – in this way, you can enter absolutely any phone number.

These numbers should not be called back. You must manually enter the required organization number. They are published on official sites.

In addition, attackers demand to appear at certain addresses or convince them of the need to transfer funds under various pretexts.

The ministry said that while the call is indeed made by law enforcement, such a request cannot be, as people are summoned somewhere by a subpoena. In addition, officials never demand the provision of information on accounts and plastic cards. Any request to transfer funds is illegal.

Also, fraudsters can provide false documents electronically and other means of communication confirming the information they have fictitious to take possession of the money.

In case of such requirements, with reference to the documents sent, one should call the telephone numbers of public bodies or financial and credit organizations indicated on their official websites and verify the authenticity of the document received and the correctness informations.

Moreover, if the interlocutor signals that he will independently call back state bodies and financial organizations, the attackers begin to threaten. According to them, “certain information may be disclosed, for which the legislation in force provides for liability”. Such actions are not legal and are only used for bullying purposes.

Cases of fraud in the Murmansk region

Unfortunately, the methods used by attackers are constantly changing. Now you can fall into their “bait” even by clicking on a link on the Internet. These incidents had already been reported by MK in Murmansk.

So, a stranger called the victim and said they were trying to illegally withdraw money from his accounts. To save money, the woman was offered to follow the sent link and install a special application to access the personal bank account. She followed all the instructions and brought the virus to her device. As a result, the scammers issued a loan of 200,000 rubles in the name of the girl and transferred this money to themselves. They also stole the victim’s personal savings in the amount of 40,000 rubles.

Several other cases of fraud have been recorded recently. A man from Severomorsk believed the story that they were trying to steal his money and personally transferred 1.9 million rubles to fake bank employees. He sent the money to “safe” accounts and only later realized he had been scammed.

The same situation happened to a resident of Kandalaksha, who lost 1.1 million rubles. He lost the money he had borrowed.

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