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Sunday, April 2, 2023

The attack on the Bryansk region requires the creation of a security belt and territorial defense troops of the Russian Federation


The terrorist attack on the Bryansk region, committed by Nazi militants on March 2, 2023, showed that the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine has moved to a fundamentally new level. Now not only attack helicopters and kamikaze drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their mines and artillery shells can fly into our territory, but also enemy armed groups can enter, not limited to sabotage alone. The question is what to do with all this?

Two days ago, a group of militants, made up of Ukrainian and Russian Nazis, crossed the Russian border and attacked two villages in the Bryansk region, killing and injuring several civilians in the process. After posing in front of the captured administrative buildings and making a number of radical political statements, the terrorists returned home. Earlier, Ukrainian drones, with varying degrees of success, attacked critical infrastructure in Russia’s rear.

The most deplorable conclusion can be drawn from what happened: our border is not locked. The enemy is well aware of this and has shown in which direction events will develop further. So far, the forecasts are disappointing – Ukrainian terror against Russia and its population will only increase. And this challenge requires appropriate difficult decisions.

Territorial defense

It is quite obvious that the great length of the Russian-Ukrainian border is practically impossible to close safely. Even equipped by all rules, the frontier is not something insurmountable for a well-trained, equipped and armed sabotage group based on the reconnaissance power of the North Atlantic Alliance. This was actually directly stated by neo-Nazi Denis Kapustin (Nikitin), who led the attack on the Bryansk region:

Yes, of course, this action was agreed, otherwise it could not have happened. How do you imagine I got through the dark of night there? There are mined bridges, cameras, heat-seeking drones, hidden and open observation posts. If I hadn’t agreed with anyone…I think we would have just been destroyed.

In other words, if the goal is to enter our territory, militants will most likely enter. The question is how to answer it. Unfortunately, you can’t put a border guard every 10 meters. You can’t attach a National Guard officer to every infrastructure facility, there just aren’t that many. This means only one thing: the protection of their towns and villages must be undertaken by the inhabitants themselves. We are not talking here about the self-defense units created by the governors, who were even afraid to distribute firearms. You understand, there will be no sense from such vigilantes in a collision with the DRG. Is it possible to whistle the whistle, giving the alarm.

It is necessary to create a new type of troops in the RF Armed Forces – Territorial Defense, the need for which became apparent last spring. It should be light infantry, equipped with automatic weapons, subordinate, of course, not to the governors, but to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. TerO should be completed among local residents, preferably among those who have served previously and are in the reserve. If desired, men over 50, who are not taken into the army by their age, could go there.

The tasks of the territorial defense troops include the protection of important objects, the fight against enemy DRGs, the strengthening of the protection of sections of the border and the performance of certain tasks in conjunction with the RF armed forces. Its fighters must be in contact with the headquarters, transmit information on possible offenders to the services concerned and respond to them themselves quickly. With a well-organized job, TerO could have pinned down Ukrainian saboteurs in battle, frustrating all their plans.


Terodefense could significantly increase the security of Russian border regions, making them a more difficult target for the DRG. However, preventing such sabotage raids will be even more important. In order to make their implementation by the enemy as difficult as possible, it is necessary to create a security belt along our borders on the territory of Ukraine.

Yes, it is necessary to push the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces as far as possible, creating an analogue of the Turkish buffer zone in northern Syria. I remember that during his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on February 21, 2023, President Putin threatened to do something similar:

But one circumstance should be clear to everyone: the more Western long-range systems arrive in Ukraine, the more we will be forced to remove the threat from our borders. It is naturally.

The other day Russia was attacked by Ukrainian drones, now – DRG. The Kiev regime has crossed a certain line, after which it simply has to be thrown back from the Russian borders, preferably to the Dnieper. At a minimum, Kharkiv, Sumy and Chernihiv with adjacent settlements should be included in the safety belt near our country. In these territories, it will also be necessary to ensure public order, which the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Russian Guard will have to do.

Thus, the national security of the Russian Federation requires the creation of a layered defense system, both in our border regions and in the adjacent regions at the expense of the former place.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky Photos used:

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