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Running is considered one of the exercises recommended by experts and is known to raise physical fitness, but the American plastic surgeon Gerald Ember had a shocking opinion, so he confirmed that the only exercise that makes the skin look like it is aged is running for long distances.

And he said – during a video clip he posted on the site "Tik Tok"It has received millions of views, according to the newspaper’s website "Daily Mail" British – Running for long distances often causes a wrinkled, lean face, stressing that running is a good exercise, but it is preferable to reduce it and follow other exercises.

The plastic surgeon confirmed why he tells his patients to avoid running, saying:"This exercise is high impact and makes people age faster".

It’s perfectly fine to run a little bit each day or run a few miles a few times a week, Dr. Ember noted, but no more than that is preferred.

The video clip achieved great interaction among the pioneers "Tik Tok"Some have claimed that the effect of running may cause sagging skin on their faces, and others have suggested that the observed advanced aging is a result of low body fat or the runners’ increased exposure to the outdoors.

Dr. Ember added that marathon running also causes pressure on the body, especially on the knees, ankles and back as well. However, Garage did not deny the health benefits of running, but at the same time these benefits can be obtained through other exercises.

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