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Thursday, December 7, 2023
Government and PoliticsThe theme of the fight against cancer is personal for President Biden Fox News

The theme of the fight against cancer is personal for President Biden Fox News

He wrote in a note that the biopsy confirmed the small lesion was basal cell carcinoma, one of the most common skin cancers. O’Connor clarified that the area was treated at the time of the biopsy and no further treatment was needed, reports The hill . “The biopsy site has healed well and the president will continue dermatological follow-up as part of his ongoing comprehensive medical care,” the physician added.
The president had previously had non-melanoma skin cancer removed before he was elected president. First Lady Jill Biden had previously undergone surgery this year at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, to remove two skin lesions that were later determined to also be basal cell carcinoma.According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer, with more than three million cases diagnosed each year in the United States. Because they grow slowly, they can usually be treated with minimal damage if caught early.As the newspaper notes, the subject of oncology is personal for Biden, whose son Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46. The White House chief has been vocal about eradicating cancer throughout his campaign and presidency, stressing that it will be a priority for him.Biden relaunched the Cancer Moonshot program in February 2021 with the goal of halving the U.S. cancer death rate over the next 25 years and improving the lives of cancer caregivers and survivors. Biden oversaw the initiative during the final years of Obama’s tenure as vice president. Last month, Biden underwent an annual medical exam at the Walter Reed Clinic. O’Connor later wrote that he “remains a healthy and energetic 80-year-old” fit for the office of President.The US chief of staff’s health will likely be under scrutiny over the next two years as he is expected to seek a second term. Biden would be 82 at the start of his second term if re-elected, and Republicans often wonder if he is physically and mentally ready for the job.

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