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Thursday, March 30, 2023

These received nominations for the Journalist’s Award


The 2022 Icelandic Journalists Association Awards will be presented at a ceremony at the Museum House in Hverfisgata on Friday, March 10 at 5 p.m.

The jury of the prize has now, a week before its presentation, published its nominations in the four prize categories: Interview of the Year, Cover of the Year, Investigative Journalism of the Year and Journalist of the Year.

As is tradition, there are three nominations in each category. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Friday, March 10.

Interview of the year

Lillý Valgerður Pétursdóttir, Stöðvar 2 news agency, Vísis og Bylgjunnar. For interview with Arnar Þór Ómarsson and Petra Bergrúna Axelsdóttur, residents of Þórshöfn in Langanes, on the eve of the death of Berglinda Bjargar Arnardóttur, their two-year-old daughter, from Covid-19. Arnar and Petra’s account of the loss is shocking, but also describes the gaps in health care in rural areas. The journalist approaches a difficult subject with sophistication and respects the interviewees.

Sólveig Klara Ragnarsdóttir, RÚV. For interview with young gay men Dagbjörta Heiða Sigthórsdóttir, Iðunni Birna Þórisdóttir, Alex Bergmann Einarsson and their parents, about the harassment, violence and incitement to self-harm they experience because of their sexual experiences and appearance. In the interview, they describe the stimuli in the online and real worlds that have increased dramatically in recent years and the consequences for them.

Þórarinn Þórarinsson, Fréttablaðinu. For interview by Hrafn Jökulsson the miller. In the interview, Hrafn talks about his fight with Surtla, an injury that was discovered in him a month before the end of the interview that would bring him under control a month later, and the events that took place in the years before the discovery of the injury. The text of the interview is dynamic and the interviewer appears clearly to the reader upon reading.

Cover of the year

Hólmfríður Gísladóttir, Hallgerður Kolbrún E. Jónsdóttir and Samúel Karl Ólason, Stöðvar 2 news agency, Vísis og Bylgjunnar. For the Ukrainian watch which was active almost every day, from morning to evening, from February 24 until the end of June. At this time, Vísir communicated a steady stream of news and commentary, and the medium competed with the world’s major news agencies to be the first to deliver information to its readers. With a fast, fast and extensive news feed, Vísir demonstrated the superiority of an online medium in news coverage of current events.

Ingólfur Bjarni Sigfússon, RÚV. For the quality television coverage about refugees from Syria who have settled in Iceland at the invitation of the government as “quota refugees”. The coverage begins in Beirut 2015. Follows two families from their arrival in Iceland, the joy of being safe from war to the challenges that await them in a new country. The discussion provides a unique insight into the lives of refugees and how they deal with a foreign society in different ways and with different results.

Thorsteinn J. Vilhjálmsson. For radio series on Rás 1 about the teacher and animator Skeggja Ásbjarnarson and his violence against the children of the Laugarnes school. The episodes were based, among other things, on impressive interviews with the teacher’s victims, but also with others who told him the story well. In six radio broadcasts, Þorstein J. managed to paint a vivid picture of Skegg, his respected position in society, and sexual offenses against many boys, as well as mental abuse against girls in school.

Investigative Journalism of the Year 2022

Guðný Halldórsdóttir and Ingvar Haraldsson, business journal. For the news about Sonja de Zorilla’s endowment and finances. In the news, the veil has been lifted on the finances of the endowment fund of Sonja, who was considered the richest woman in Iceland at the turn of the last century, but until the coverage of Ingvar and Guðnýjar, Limited information had emerged on the fund’s finances. . News reports have highlighted the lack of oversight of charitable funds, both in Iceland and the United States, and that not all of the fund’s grants have been in compliance with the law, including grants to entities. close to fund managers. of the grant fund.

Helgi Seljan, Stundinni. For the news about Alexander Moshensky, Consul of Iceland in Belarus (Belarus), and his close relationship with Alexander Lukashenko, the country’s dictator. Helga’s investigation revealed, among other things, that the Icelandic government had numerous contacts with representatives of European countries after Moshensky sought their cooperation due to the sanctions announced against him, but Moshensky is a large-scale buyer. Icelandic seafood. As a result of the news reports, Moshensky’s case was taken up by Alþingi’s Constitution and Control Committee, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs was summoned before the committee.

Tryggvi Aðalbjörnsson, RÚV. For blanket on the safety of Baldur’s ferry. A detailed and informative review of the many safety doubts on the Breiðafjörður Baldri ferry. A tour of the vessel was conducted with a former ship surveyor and government officials and ferry operator representatives were interviewed. The interviews were revealing as well as the case was well presented visually and placed in a broader context with the general security issues and transport issues of the country.

2022 Journalist of the Year Award

Bogi Ágústsson, RÚV. For comprehensive and quality coverage of foreign events that crystallize in the window of the world, his commentary on Channel 1’s Morgunvakt. Bogi likes to focus on the Nordic countries, and in particular Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It arouses the interest of listeners and deepens their knowledge of the subject by telling stories in a playful way and putting events in context.

Sigrún Ósk Kristjánsdóttir, Stöð 2. For the In Search of Origin programs that aired on Stöð 2. They showed the emotional anguish still caused by human trafficking in adoptions in Sri Lanka in the 1990s After years of research, Sigrúna, with the loyal help of Auri Hinriksson and DNA testing, managed to correct and find the right biological mother of a young woman in search of her roots.

Sunna Valgerðardóttir, RÚV/ press room Stöðvar 2, Vísis og Bylgjunnar. For reporting on Sýnar and RÚV media. In Kompási, Sunna shed new light on religious violence within sects as well as various groups that deal with spiritual issues and its consequences. Then his show on opioid addiction painted a realistic picture of the world of morphine addiction. In the second semester, Sunna oversaw the development of a new news commentary program, It’s the Best, on Rás 1, where topics are multifaceted and often innovative.

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