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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Dozens of scholarly treatises authored by university students affiliated with Al Sharq are currently sequestered.

A number of university students stressed the need to adopt their graduation projects and support creative ideas of public benefit and transform them into an idea that can be applied on the ground, especially purposeful projects that contribute to providing innovative and beneficial solutions for the state and society in the scientific, service, health, economic and other fields, stressing that This is at the core of the role of higher education institutions in preparing qualified national cadres capable of contributing to the development process.

And they said to "the East" The students contribute to the knowledge industry and have a fertile imagination, waiting for the authorities in the public and private sectors to adopt and sponsor their ideas and work on financing them to implement them on the ground to serve the state’s development projects and also to become a scientific reference for all university students and society in general. And they demanded that research projects not remain locked in the drawers, but rather bring them to light, adopt them, support them, and enable them by providing the appropriate environment for their direct implementation, pointing out that graduation projects are not only a means to success, but rather a summary of thought and study that lasted for many years at the university, and not benefiting from it is considered a waste of study years and energies Youthfulness and creativity among graduates and students in university studies.

They stressed the importance of developing graduation projects, especially if they are of scientific and academic value. They demanded the need to support these researches and establish a special library that includes graduation projects, so that it becomes an academic and research reference for students to benefit from during their study years. The students said: Creative projects must be developed and creative ideas that strive to produce knowledge must be developed and supported. They indicated that some students have good ideas that can be developed, but they do not have the necessary tools to implement them, whether financially, morally or academically, and here they must be supported by specialists and experts. In order for their research achievement to be developed into a viable idea, pointing out that university students have creative and fertile ideas that result in very important graduation projects.



Dr.. Rana Sobh: Supporting and adopting promising ideas Dr. Rana Sobh, Dean of the College of Business and Economics at Qatar University, stressed the need to take care of students’ graduation projects and turn them into projects based on reality, and stressed that Qatar University is interested in promising ideas and adopting them on the ground, and indicated that many students have ideas Pioneers that have been converted into projects, and confirmed the college’s endeavor to adopt promising projects in various scientific or research fields, and said: We support all creative ideas, whether it is moral or academic support, or by paving the way for students to obtain financial support by finding a place to adopt their promising ideas through Our partners from the business environment. Dr. drew. Rana indicated that postgraduate students produce distinguished research at the cognitive level or at the applied level, which has implications for practices and policies in the business environment. Also, these researches are supported, published and invested in a rich way.

She said that these efforts that we are making are part of the college’s interest in students and focus on research and interest in graduation projects, and indicated that there are some researches that contribute to finding innovative solutions to some problems facing the business environment in Qatar and some of the problems faced by institutions in Qatar, and there are pioneering ideas And contributions concerned with developing knowledge in any of the fields.. And she continued d. Her speech became, saying: We adopt not only the graduation projects of bachelor’s or master’s students, but also any other research project that students implement within the college.


Saud Al-Nuaimi: Qatar University is an incubator for innovators and entrepreneurs Saud Al-Nuaimi, a student at the College of Arts and Sciences, affirmed that Qatar University is considered an incubator for innovators and entrepreneurs and a sponsor of creative ideas. From this standpoint, it must adopt all innovations that result from graduation projects because they are rich in ideas and proposals, especially since they come after years From seriousness and study, he pointed out that there are some students who contribute to the production of knowledge through their graduation projects, especially in some scientific fields, and also students of some literary disciplines who may contribute to the production of research and research proposals that may have a positive impact on society.


Abdullah Al-Muraikhi: Implementing innovations motivates university students Abdullah Al-Muraikhi, a student at the College of Business and Economics majoring in accounting, said that Qatar University and perhaps other universities annually graduate thousands of students and have a large repertoire of scientific and academic research for students. Therefore, the most prominent and important research must be selected and converted into ideas or adopted from Before one of the authorities in the country to convert them into ideas that can be applied on the ground if they are capable of doing so, pointing out that students of scientific faculties are striving for innovations and inventions that deserve to see the light and not remain locked in the drawers, but rather pay attention to them and provide the necessary support for them to implement them and turn them into reality. Which is beneficial to society on the one hand, and constitutes an incentive for students who are in school to strive to produce pioneering ideas on the other hand.



Salah Al-Shammari: Students contribute to the production of knowledge Salah Al-Shammari, a student at the College of Law at Qatar University, explained that theoretical college students produce very important graduation projects, which are research in one of the fields that the student studies during his academic years, pointing out that the research produced by the student is A summary of his ideas and theoretical experiences at the university. Here, these projects must be adopted, especially the creative ones, which benefit from them and are applicable on the ground, and the way may be opened for the student to present his graduation project to one of the concerned authorities to be adopted and turned into an idea. He stressed that students contribute to the production of knowledge and possess Fertile ideas waiting to be adopted.


Fahd Al-Kuwari: Graduation research enriches university libraries. Fahd Al-Kuwari, a student at the College of Sharia at Qatar University, stressed the importance of developing student graduation projects, especially if they are of scientific and academic value, pointing out that students strive hard in their graduation projects, each in his field of specialization, and these researches may serve as references for use in a library. the university. He stressed that the student is making great efforts in preparing the graduation project, and it may be a research or a dissertation in any of the fields, and for this there must be parties that adopt and sponsor these promising ideas.


Issa Al-Yazidi: Establishing a library for the legacy of student research Issa Al-Yazidi, a student at the College of Engineering, pointed out that students strive hard during their study years at the university to study theoretical and applied sciences, and then apply what they have learned through their graduation project, in which they put a summary of their ideas, sciences and experiences. It was a research in a field, an innovation, a newspaper or a magazine dealing with any of the fields. Therefore, this research must be supported and a special legacy library should be established that includes graduation projects and pioneering student research, so that it becomes a reference for students during their years of study at the university.. Al-Yazidi stressed that the failure to implement graduation projects In fact, a waste of youth energies and long years of university study, stressing that the investment of these projects supports the development process in the country.



Abdulaziz Al-Shammari: Students’ research needs support. Student Abdulaziz Al-Shammari from the College of Administration and Economics said that the graduation projects that students produce after many years of study are creative ideas of public benefit, so they must be adopted, taken care of, and published in monthly peer-reviewed periodicals locally and regionally. And internationally, and this is done through specialized academic bodies in this field. He said that students of scientific and theoretical faculties may produce knowledge and make significant contributions that may remain in the drawers if we do not find a party that adopts and supports these ideas in a healthy way.


Talha Marawan: Developing projects and supporting students’ ideas Talha Marawan Talib at the College of Arts and Sciences at Qatar University explained that students’ graduation projects deserve attention because they are a summary of years of hard work, diligence and continuous study. During his graduation project.. That is why these projects must be developed, and the student may have a good idea that can be developed, but he does not have the necessary tools, and here he must be supported by specialists and experts in order for his research achievement to be developed into a viable idea, through the formation of specialized academic bodies that supervise Students research ideas and help them develop and implement them in practice. He said that the university students have creative and fertile ideas that result in projects that are very important.


Muhammad Al-Shammari: Graduation projects are an academic reference. Muhammad Al-Shammari, a student from the College of Business and Economics at Qatar University, explained that students have creative ideas and are able to contribute to the production of scientific research. This may be embodied through their graduation projects that they implement with the support of their professors at the university. It is extremely important that it should remain as an academic reference for university students to benefit from in their early years. He said that the State of Qatar encourages young people to research and innovate at the time. In this sense, student projects should not remain as a means of success or graduation from the university, but rather go beyond them to be of public benefit for the benefit of all and the competent authorities. He stressed the importance of contributing to supporting innovation and innovators and adopting their pioneering projects.


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