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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Fifteen aspirants attained eligibility for the concluding stage of the International Al-Gannas Association Championship for Greyhound Racing.

The qualifiers for the thirteenth International Al-Gannas Association Championship for Greyhound Racing (2023) resulted in the qualification of 15 contestants to the final round, which will take place next Saturday in Sabkhat Marmi in Celine. The qualifiers were held among 63 greyhounds in 5 qualifying rounds, in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement. Mr. Ibrahim Khalil Al-Tamimi, a member of Hadad Al-Salooqi Committee, said: The qualifiers in the 13th Al-Gannas International Championship for the Greyhound Race witnessed the organization of 5 races for 5 groups, and a great club was known, as the qualifiers were not recognized except in the last meters of each race, while in some Runs The superiority of a number of climbers was clear from the beginning of the race, as it moved away from the front for tens of meters. He explained that the organizing committee of the tournament decided to qualify 3 Salqan, who achieved the first positions in each of the five rounds, so that the total number of those qualified for the final, which will take place next Saturday, is 15 Salukis, noting that the brotherly participants in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries had a strong presence. in the qualifiers, and they will have their say in the final race. For his part, Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Kubaisi, a member of the Equipment and Events Committee at Al-Qannas Association, explained that the committee was keen to prepare the race track in sufficient time, noting that the length of the race distance, which is estimated at 2 km, was fenced off, in order to ensure the safety of the participants who follow the races from their cars on The sides of the track, in addition to the fact that the race track is leveled from time to time with large mechanisms, stressing that care is taken for the antelope with the utmost care, as it is securely attached to the end of the car, stressing that the antelope is considered a catalyst for the galleons in order to urge them to speed up, as well as that Protecting the antelope is one of the sustainability goals pursued by the Qatari Al Gannas Association. The greyhound races organized by the Qatari Al-Qannas Association enjoy a large following for fans of this type of heritage race, throughout the year, whether in the Marmi International Falconry and Hunting Festival (Marmi) with its official races, or the revitalization races attended by a large audience.

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