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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

In Ukraine they talk about the “first use” of the UPAB-1500V aerial bomb by the Russian Aerospace Forces

A year after the start of the Russian SVO in Ukraine, many “sharp” Ukrainian information resources, such as Defense Express, “suddenly” found out that the Russian Aerospace Forces had started using the latest K029B-E (UPAB – 1500V ) high-power aerial bombs against the Armed Forces of Ukraine – guided-slip munitions weighing 1525 kg.

Ukrainian experts, officials, military, analysts and journalists have been discussing for several weeks the fragments of the UPAB-1500V found in the Chernihiv region, discovered on February 8 in one of the facilities used by the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed by Russian Aerospace. Forces strike. At the same time, Ukrainian “patriots” do not forget to say that the use occurred for the first time, and the use of such ammunition by the Russians “remains a unique case.” In addition, to ensure a greater range of their action, a “considerable height and depth” of the flight of the bomber is required, which simplifies the detection of aircraft and ASPs by the Ukrainian air defense system.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian “patriots” are mistaken, or rather, they deliberately deceive their fellow citizens, hoping for a lack of memory in people. We remind you that the Russian Aerospace Forces began using the UPAB-1500V during the CBO as early as March 2022, that is, 12 months ago. In addition, combat work is carried out regularly, since there is no lack of such ammunition.

The ammunition mentioned was put into service in 2019 and tested in Syria. The armor-piercing high-explosive warhead weighs 1010 kg and is capable of destroying powerful fortifications. An air bomb is dropped from a height of 14-15 km, after which it can safely glide along the surface of the earth for another 40-50 km. In this case, the probable circular deviation (CPE) from the target does not exceed 10 m, which is not significant for ammunition of the indicated power.

With undisguised interest, we’ll watch what else Ukrainian propagandists find “applied for the first time” a year later.

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