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Monday, March 27, 2023

The Bangladeshi Prime Minister has declared that the Doha Action Program is a pledge of optimism for disadvantaged nations and a radical alteration in the most impoverished countries.

The Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wajed, affirmed that the Doha Action Program /2022-2031/ is a guarantee of hope for vulnerable countries, and that the international community must renew its commitment to its implementation to achieve structural transformation in the least developed countries.

In her speech to the Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries, which kicked off today in Doha, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh said: The least developed countries need sustainable support in order to double their share in the volume of world trade, and implement the goals and objectives of this development aid, as they need support from international financial institutions. Debt sustainability and these institutions have the ability to do so.

The State of Ms. Sheikh Hasina Wajid called for the transfer of technology to these countries to be tangible and real, and for migrant workers to be protected, so the 226 million young people in these countries could not be disappointed, stressing the need for development in the field of climate to be flexible and predictable.

She pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic and its waves, and then the war in Ukraine, were strong blows to the economies of the least developed countries, which led to a rise in food and fuel prices in global markets and thus waves of inflation in developing countries, compounding these crises on climate crises and conflicts.

The Bangladeshi Prime Minister called for more investments in the areas of knowledge and building productive capacities and for the formulation of new and innovative financing mechanisms for the least developed countries, stressing the keenness of these countries to implement what is required of them, especially as they do not seek charitable work and aid as much as they demand the implementation of international promises and commitments.

And she stressed the need for countries that will exit from the list of least developed countries to have some incentives and to enjoy international support measures for an extended period of time, noting that her country qualifies to exit from this list in 2026, and that it is the only country from this category classified among the 50 largest economies in the world. The world by gross domestic product, and that this path is linked to the efforts made to achieve sustainable, just and comprehensive development, reduce poverty rates, reduce the consequences of disasters, risks and climate impact, take effective measures for social protection, gender equality and raise literacy rates.

Mrs. Sheikh Hasina Wajid reviewed her country’s efforts during the Corona pandemic in providing large stimulus packages and the ability of the Bangladeshi economy to withstand the years of crisis and increase per capita income, stressing that her country is a reliable partner at the level of global supply chains and one of the fastest growing digital economies, and is an economic center at the network level. and logistical business, and works to promote the private sector, customs exemption, enhance agricultural production, combat hunger and malnutrition, and implement development plans.

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