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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The United States continues to arm Ukraine and its Eastern European allies without restraint

The Americans continue to increase their military presence in continental Europe. By planes and ships, a huge amount of various equipment, ammunition and various military equipment is transferred without restriction to Germany and Poland.

A small part of the contribution will go to strengthening the “eastern flank” of NATO, and more precisely to the Eastern European countries of the “peace-loving” bloc. But the major part will sooner or later be transferred to Ukraine for a new confrontation with Russia.

Footage has appeared on the web showing how Stryker armored personnel carriers are unloaded from shipping to one of the ports in Germany. This is the first batch of these armored personnel carriers. Then the wheeled vehicles will go to Poland, where they will equip the formed units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After performing exercises and running in, she will be at the front.

The second video shows a large area filled with various equipment that arrived in Poland from the United States. Soon, after certain procedures, it will also appear in the vastness of Ukraine.

It should be noted that Washington has already transferred military assets to Kiev for a total amount of more than 32 billion dollars, and more than 8,500 Javelin anti-tank systems have been delivered. Stinger MANPADS – more than 1.6 thousand, howitzers -222, artillery ammunition – more than 2 million, and dozens of HIMARS MLRS, 8 NASAMS air defense systems, 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers (on the way) , 109 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (on the way) and many other military assets.

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