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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaA meeting was held in the Smolensk region on the topic of the work of the NWO Participant Support...

A meeting was held in the Smolensk region on the topic of the work of the NWO Participant Support Center

In the Smolensk region, under the chairmanship of Governor Alexei Ostrovsky, a meeting was devoted to the first results of the work of the Support Center for participants of a special military operation and their families. The head of the region noted that the main tasks of the Center are the rapid and, above all, efficient processing of requests and appeals from family members of NWO participants in the “one-stop-shop” mode and their subsequent support in resolving disputes. interdepartmental issues.

“In all relevant meetings, I remind you that this issue must be at the center of the utmost attention of regional and local authorities. Our frontline fighters must be sure that their families receive full assistance. It is for this reason that I personally supervise the work of the Center, ”said Alexey Ostrovsky in his Telegram channel and social networks.

In addition, the Governor of the Smolensk region noted the high demand for the Center, which is evident based on statistics – since the beginning of the year, the Center’s specialists have handled almost 2,500 calls from citizens . At the same time, 91% of this number of requests have already been resolved, while the rest are at the stage of practical implementation, including in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. During the meeting, the status and deadlines for the execution of these remedies were also discussed.

“At the same time, the Centre’s activities are not limited to one-off targeted assistance. The support provided is designed with a long-term perspective, for example in terms of coordinating the treatment and rehabilitation issues of special operation participants returning from the NWO area.

He also stressed the importance of building an effective dialogue with the Regional Committee of the families of the military of the Fatherland, with which the Center must act in concert.

It is very good that the management of the Center has taken into account the extremely useful initiatives proposed at a recent meeting of the Regional Civic Chamber regarding the formation and maintenance of a single source of information that accumulates information from various departments on support measures to participants in a special consultation group and members of their substantive and timely review of incoming applications by specialist specialists.

I would also like to remind you that only one regional information and referral service +7 (4812) 22-98-00 works permanently for NWO participants and their family members,” said the head of the region.

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