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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsAlleged Tinder rapist still in custody

Alleged Tinder rapist still in custody

The National Court upheld the prolonged detention of a foreigner suspected of a serious sexual offense on the night of January 2 this year. The man was taken into custody until March 28.
Prolonged detention is required on the grounds that there is a risk that the person will flee the country.
The man has already been sentenced twice to detention in connection with the case. DV reported on the case on January 12. It then emerged that the people had previously met on Tinder and the man had come to Iceland on New Years Day. The woman picked him up at the airport. The alleged offense took place in a car and the man’s actions resulted in the woman vomiting on the man. She claimed to have heard him tell his partner on the phone that he feared he had killed her. In district court detention order from January 3, it was followed as follows:
“On New Year’s Eve, the defendant wanted them to go buy cannabis and asked if she could arrange it. She did but did not want to smoke it in the apartment where his children were. They decided to go out for a walk and have a smoke while they waited. The weather was cold and they decided to get in his car and drive to (…) to (…). The victim drove the vehicle and parked it on the side so it could not be seen. The victim said he immediately felt a strong effect from the cannabis and began to see colors. The accused wanted her to have oral sex, which she refused. The accused then pulled his pants down around her and forced his head against his penis. The member penetrated her very deeply, causing her to vomited on the accused. After that, the accused pulled down his pants and had sex with her from behind through the vagina without consent.”
And then:
“The victim said that during this time she was vomiting regularly. The victim’s shirt was stained with vomit and his underwear was torn. The victim said he was in a very strange state after this and told the accused to take him home. The accused then yelled at him and called his friend B and asked him to pick him up. The victim testified that the accused told B on the phone “I think I killed her.” The victim said that she stayed in the car for a short time after the accused left, but decided to drive home despite her condition. she, the victim, saw that the defendant had taken all her belongings and “blocked” her on all communication media.
The man denies any guilt and says the woman initiated their sexual relationship that night. A report was taken from the woman in the ER. As a result, the police tried to find the man, but he tried to get out of the country and bought a flight. A witness in the case contacted him by phone on his way to the airport and informed him that he could not leave the country as he was wanted. Subsequently, the man surrendered to the police.
Appears in prolonged periods decision District Court in Reykjavík that the investigation into the case is nearly complete and it will be decided in the coming weeks whether the man will be charged.

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