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Sunday, December 10, 2023
EntertainmentJungkook Is Drunk and in Tears About What Made Him Quit BTS: "Yeah, I'm Saying That Because I'm Drunk!"

Jungkook Is Drunk and in Tears About What Made Him Quit BTS: “Yeah, I’m Saying That Because I’m Drunk!”

Jungkook has never been so outspoken as he is today. We are used to seeing BTS idols as kind, decent, and smiling. People who never say a word against, even if they are annoyed by sasaeng fans. But this time, the singer revealed the truth about one of the incidents related to this topic, because he drank alcohol and became more daring.

He warned his fans that it was extremely unpleasant for him to feel like an object of surveillance. It causes anxiety and you don’t understand why strangers are staring at you and guarding any establishment or office. He said that one day a group of sasaengs were waiting for him outside the gymnasium. Guk thanked the audience for their interest in his life, but asked not to follow him because it was scary.

It should be added that this time, Guki was more direct than ever and even said that he was tired when someone violated his personal boundaries. “Yes, I’m drunk. I say that because I’m drunk. Many other ARMYs can also see my schedule if they wish. But they don’t. That’s what I want to tell you – personal boundaries. It hasn’t happened in a long time,” the celebrity said.

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