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Friday, March 31, 2023

Qatar: The Liverpool earthquake shocked the Manchester United stars: they devoured us alive


The aftershocks of the Liverpool earthquake, which hit Manchester United by seven in the league yesterday, are still continuing, amid shock from the stars of the latter, who won the League Cup a few days ago.

United conceded 6 goals against Liverpool during the second half, and during the match Cody Jacobo, Darwin Nunez and Mohamed Salah scored two goals each, while substitute Roberto Firmino completed the seven.

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw said that his team’s level has declined sharply since winning the League Cup, after the worst loss in 92 years, according to Reuters.

Before facing Liverpool, Manchester United had not lost in 11 consecutive matches, but suffered the biggest defeat in the club’s history since falling 7-0 to Wolverhampton Wanderers in 1931.

The defeat comes one week after United won their first title since 2017, winning the League Cup after defeating Newcastle United in the final.

Left back Xu told the club’s TV station "This is totally unacceptable. Our form has clearly declined since winning the cup, and in the last matches we were not at our usual level".

Shaw added "We need to go back to the things that we were doing positively before and implement them because what happened hurts a lot, and it is completely unacceptable what happened from our team during the second half."following: "We didn’t show any personality or have the right mentality".

Former United captain and Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane said the players felt relaxed after winning the League Cup, adding: "I see the players went into the second half laughing and joking. They were a goal behind at Anfield, and they were laughing and joking with the Anfield staff and the goalkeeper coach. I don’t want to see all this nonsense"saying: "I think this mess can happen again, and the coach and the senior players have to watch it".

As for Gary Neville, former United captain and Sky Sports analyst, he described what happened in the defeat "Pandemonium"adding: "They didn’t realize how important the match was. Manchester United players were eaten alive there".

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