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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsQatar: Will the Arab countries agree to see the crescent of Ramadan this year?

Qatar: Will the Arab countries agree to see the crescent of Ramadan this year?

The Arab countries differed among themselves in determining the beginning of the month of Sha’ban. In some countries, such as Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, Rajab was only 29 days long, and Sha’ban began on Tuesday, February 21, and in other countries such as Jordan and Morocco, Rajab was 30 days, and Sha’ban began on Wednesday, February 22. the past.

The Arab countries determine the sighting of the crescent, which is the main criterion for determining the beginnings of the Hijri months according to Islamic law, after specialists from the legal bodies go out to search for the crescent after sunset on the 29th of the Hijri month.

The majority of Arab countries integrate the astronomical calculation into other forms of vision in order to give an integrated and correct view. The Ramadan agreement, and according to the Al-Jazeera website, the Shaaban dispute – it seems – will not continue for the month of Ramadan, because the central conjunction will take place on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 20:23 Mecca time, which means that the countries that started Shaaban early will definitely not be able to see the crescent on the 29th. Sha’ban, which means that these countries will announce on Wednesday, complementing Sha’ban, and Thursday, the beginning of the blessed Ramadan.

As for the countries that started Shaaban late, they will, accordingly, be delayed by an additional day in sighting, and therefore the legal bodies will go out in them to search for the crescent on Wednesday, March 22nd, and here it will have passed since the moment of central conjunction more than 20 hours, which allows the moon to be seen clearly for all monitoring tools. Including the two naked eyes, and therefore it is likely that these countries will announce the end of Sha`ban and the beginning of Ramadan will also be on Thursday.

likely site "Al Jazeera" – In his report – that all Arab countries agree on the beginning of Ramadan this year, to be Thursday, March 23.

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