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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsRoman Kostomarov, out of coma, is conscious and can move a little

Roman Kostomarov, out of coma, is conscious and can move a little

Nadezhda Lebedeva/Russian lookFigure skater Roman Kostomarov woke up after a drug sleep. The Olympic champion is aware of what is happening and even tries to move.Kostomarov woke up from an induced coma, began to breathe on his own, and is conscious most of the time. Sometimes doctors put him into a drug-induced sleep so that the skater becomes stronger not only physically, but also mentally. Soon a psychologist will work with him so that the athlete can accept serious changes in his body, writes Woman.ru .“He has started to come to his senses, he can already move a little. It takes him some time to fully recover. However, we can note a positive trend in his condition,” the source said. TASS .The skater was admitted to intensive care for pneumonia on January 10. In the hospital, 46-year-old Kostomarov developed sepsis and necrosis, due to which, according to the latest data, his foot and several fingers were amputated.

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