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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Slutsky knows who will help Russia win


Why the LDPR brings together volunteers across the country

The “shoulder to shoulder” movement was created in Russia. It brings together the volunteers of the country who help the front today. The first “swallow” of the movement was the women’s association “We sew for ours”, who work to make things for those who are now at the forefront. LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky explained how their work is organized and what the main goal of the new movement is.

According to the politician, there will be no bureaucracy or party meetings in the shoulder-to-shoulder movement, and everyone will be able to contribute and bring victory closer.

“In fact, there are only two parties left in Russia now. The winners are those at the front, and those millions of Russians who, by their words and deeds in their daily lives, help us win. The defeatists left Russia. Therefore, the main party of the country is, of course, the winner. The Liberal Democratic Party stands ready to support and unite everyone who truly cares about the country,” said Leonid Slutsky.

He told how women from the “Sew for Ours” movement applied for the LDPR party six months ago. It started as an initiative of several activists and now unites women in 150 Russian cities. They sew underwear and thermal underwear, camouflage nets, mittens, balaclavas, headbands, hats, raincoats and even stretchers for NWO participants. Many members of “Sew for Ours” joined the movement after their husbands, fathers and brothers went to the front. Photo: Rodion Sevastyanov

“To date, we have already sent 17,000 finished products from Perm to the NVO zone. If we talk about 150 cities, I can’t even imagine how many products there are. Our aid is targeted. We get specific requests from our guys, their sizes. We try to get everything out and ship as soon as possible. We are often faced with problems that we cannot solve alone. For example, with the shipment of goods,” says Elina Patykova, coordinator of the “We sew for us” movement in Perm.

Patykova herself is a popular blogger. With the start of the SVO, she began to record video lessons for anyone who wants to help the front, but does not know how.

“I once said to my husband, ‘Let’s have such a conversation so that people will unite.’ He supported me. We created a telegram channel ‘Sewing for us.’ They announced the first collection , bought the first fleece. Ordinary people participate, they are very actively involved. Women in my master classes without any experience can sew what is needed today at the front, ”says Patykova.

The Liberal Democratic Party helps Schweibats in many parts of the country. It takes a lot: to buy fabrics and sewing machines, we need help with logistics. And party members donated one of their Moscow offices to a sewing workshop. Photo: Rodion Sevastyanov

“We used to rely only on ourselves, but now we have support and backing. We used to only communicate online, but the Liberal Democratic Party has brought us all together. After the live meeting, the exchange of knowledge and experience began – and the development accelerated. Thanks to this, our communication with the participants of the movement has become closer and warmer,” shared Kuanysh Baltabaeva, a member of the “We sew for us” movement from Moscow.

“We often come across situations where consumables for sewing uniforms or weaving camouflage nets, once available for free, are now bought everywhere by speculators and sold for three times the usual price. Or, when one of the governors is asked to help send the goods, and he replies, “You sewed it, you send it.” I have already instructed all of our deputies to follow up on such cases. If individual leaders don’t hear people, that means together with the volunteers we will knock on every door – to make sure we are heard and helped,” said Leonid Slutsky.

The LDPR recently announced a new social movement, but every day it is gaining momentum. Hundreds of new volunteers support each other every day. For example, in Podolsk, the Krasnaya Gorka Volunteer Center has created its own small production facility, where participants collect humanitarian aid, pour candles, sew bandages and weave camouflage nets. In Belgorod, volunteers prepare logs for the canoes, firewood for the bourgeois women, and collect humanitarian aid to hand over to the soldiers.

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