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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The President of the Qatar Tennis Federation has avowed that the triumph of the tennis and padel tournaments is a continuation of the remarkable success in hosting the World Cup.


His Excellency Mr. Nasser Ghanem Al-Khulaifi, President of the Qatar Tennis, Squash and Badminton Federation, stressed that the great successes achieved in the recent period by hosting major sporting events came as a natural extension after the outstanding success in hosting the FIFA,Football,Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022. Al-Khulaifi said, in his statements. This evening, the Qatari successes did not come from a vacuum, but rather the result of great work and effort, stressing that Qatar is always moving towards the best. added that "The organization that the world saw in the Qatar Total Women’s Tennis Championship and the Qatar ExxonMobil Men’s Tennis Tournament, and then in the I Want Qatar Grand Paddle Championship 2023, which concluded today, was remarkable and won the admiration of the participants and the large audiences who attended the competitions.". Al-Khulaifi said that the closing day of the I Want Qatar Grand Exchange Championship came as a culmination of all the work that had been done throughout the past period. A supervisor that reflects Qatar’s leading regulatory position in the world. Al-Khulaifi congratulated the title-winning Argentine duo, Martin Di Nino and Franco Stopacchuk, who presented an outstanding level that deserved the victory, which contributed to increasing excellence during the closing day of the tournament. He pointed out that the tournament witnessed a wonderful technical level that won the approval of the fans, who were keen to attend in large numbers. This enhanced the success of the tournament at all levels, and this will have a positive impact on the future of padel sport in Qatar and the region. The President of the Qatar Tennis, Squash and Badminton Federation thanked all the partners for their efforts in making the tournament a success, praising the work of the organizing committees that worked hard to achieve the highest levels of success in a way that contributes to emphasizing the merit of the Qatari organization, and this is considered a great incentive for the future in order to continue success in various fields. levels, and in various tournaments and competitions. For his part, Mr. Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation, praised the wonderful and distinguished organization of the second edition of the I Want Qatar Grand Paddle Championship 2023, expressing his great admiration for the very distinguished Qatari organization, the wonderful atmosphere in which the competitions took place and the very high quality of the equipment and facilities that were prepared and allocated for this event. the athlete. Carraro noted the high technical level of the championship competitions in its second edition, pointing to the great role of the Qatar Football Association in supporting the championship that saw the light last year. For his part, Mr. Tariq Zainal, Secretary General of the Qatar Tennis, Squash and Badminton Federation, and Director of the I Want Qatar Greater Padel Championship 2023, praised the technical and organizational levels of the tournament in light of the participation of the best world classifiers, expressing his full satisfaction with the wonderful organization and the distinguished technical level of the competitions from the start. From the first rounds to the final match. Zainal said, in a press statement, "The final match witnessed the participation of two distinguished teams, and both deserved to win, but De Nino’s experience decided the match after fierce competition, and he is the defending champion, and winning for the second time in a row certainly has a special taste for him.". He added that the second edition of the 2,000-point tournament was very distinguished in light of the participation of the top ranked players in the world, pointing out that the organizational level was praised by all teams, as well as by FIFA,Football,Soccer officials. Zainal congratulated the duo, Martin De Nino and Franco Stobachuk, on the occasion of winning the world championship, which De Nino crowned for the second time in a row.

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