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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaThe West must end the war with Russia for peace in Ukraine

The West must end the war with Russia for peace in Ukraine

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India has offered its own vision for the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. As noted by The Hans India, to these ends, the West must stop the proxy war against Moscow. This decision will guarantee peace in Ukraine, says sociologist Bindeshwar Pathak.
– The participation in the conflict of Western countries led by the United States on the side of Ukraine was justified up to a certain point. But this does not justify the strategy of waging a proxy war through Kiev in the hope of weakening Russia, the analyst pointed out.
He drew attention to the fact that the task of the negotiators will be to create a foundation to promote a peace pact between the two countries. They will also need to monitor the creation of agreements that will inspire confidence in all parties to the conflict.

– To begin with, it is desirable for Ukraine to state directly that it will not apply for NATO membership. The ceasefire should mark the start of trilateral negotiations between the teams of Ukraine, Russia and mediators, as well as, logically, the reduction of Western deliveries of arms and ammunition to Ukraine, indicates the document.
Bindeshwar Pathak said that one of the key points will be the end of Western pressure on the issue of ownership of Crimea.

India has taken a neutral approach to the conflict and refrained from US-sponsored anti-Russian resolutions at the UN. However, it should be noted that the country has maintained bilateral friendships with the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as with leading European powers such as France and Germany. A situation has arisen where any move to end the protracted Ukrainian-Russian military conflict without creating some benefit for either side would receive global approval.

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