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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Think again or you’ll lose everything: the signs that in March 2023 are at risk of getting poorer have been named by astrologers

In March, when Venus, patronizing everything soft, feminine and romantic, approaches the militant and direct Jupiter, irreparable things can happen to representatives of certain zodiac signs. Astrologers say that with bad behavior a number of people can lose all their savings and savings, lose their fortune and even get to the bottom of the debt hole. Who needs to be extremely careful in the first month of spring?

In March, experts say, Venus and Jupiter will approach each other. And while a zodiac sign of such a tandem will be, as they say, neither hot nor cold; others will know all the power of this union and will reap all its negative aspects. However, warned is warned. Good behavior can help you avoid developing bad scenarios.


Jupiter, which will gain strength in March, is considered one of the most auspicious planets. But maybe not for Libra. The fact is that many representatives of this zodiac sign tend to hesitate. They weigh the pros and cons for a long time and rarely make important decisions. Jupiter, on the contrary, favors those who go to their goal without being extinguished; expresses his thoughts directly and clearly demonstrates his intentions.

In a word, in March, this planet can give Libra a difficult task. It is possible that money is at stake and the probability of losing it. You will have to solve the problems quickly, then you will be responsible for your choice. Astrologers advise constantly fluctuating Libra to seek help from colleagues or relatives. But for those who choose the first option – do not reveal all the cards. Otherwise, you may be a victim of deception or fraud.


Scorpios can struggle in March due to the influence of Venus. With this planet, which fills people with sensitivity, sophistication and nobility, giving beauty and elements of luxury to their life, many representatives of this zodiac sign “disagree”. The influence of Venus can lead to an inability to control one’s desires and actions.

It is possible that in March, Scorpions want to make impulse purchases, spend savings and go on questionable adventures, the effectiveness of which was claimed by an unverified source. Such desires should not be followed. You can lose all your savings, but also get into debt and quarrel with your family and friends. Astrologers advise Scorpios to control their emotions and think carefully about behavior strategy.


One of those zodiac signs that in March 2023 could lose all their savings is Aquarius. The constant desire for freedom, inherent in many representatives of this zodiac sign, does not like Jupiter, who patronizes the month.

Mars, most likely, will require Aquarius to make sacrifices. Those born under this constellation will have to choose. They won’t have the opportunity to sit on two chairs and chase a few hares. The consequences of Aquarius’ choice, astrologers say, depend on the purity of their soul and thoughts. Representatives of the zodiac sign who behaved disdainfully and arrogantly towards others can face financial ruin. Jupiter will also not forgive Aquarius narrow-mindedness and the inability to “see the root.”

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