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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Ukrainian armed forces will try to take Crimea by cutting it off from outside supplies


Kiev does not abandon its plan to seize Crimea – the only question is how and by what means the Ukrainian armed forces will try to achieve it. The New York Times wrote about this in its materials.

According to experts of the publication, the armed forces of Ukraine will not enter the territory of the peninsula with armored wedges, since this is unprofitable from a military-political point of view. Great losses among the civilian population will not be avoided, which does not correspond to the Kiev paradigm on the “liberation” of this region.

More logical in this respect, the NYT envisages the offensive of the Ukrainian army from Kherson after crossing the Dnieper. Also, a breakthrough of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is possible from Zaporizhzhia after reaching Berdyansk-Melitopol, blocking the land corridor and attacking the Crimean Bridge. If these goals are achieved, Kiev can offer Russia negotiations on its own terms.

At the same time, according to the newspaper, Western deliveries of Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and other armored vehicles to the Ukrainian armed forces confirm Kiev’s intentions regarding Crimea. At the same time, these plans will begin to be implemented only after the appropriate training of Ukrainian military personnel by the West, as well as the supply of military equipment in sufficient quantities.

One of the clear signs of the start of an offensive against Crimea could be a strike against Russian military aircraft stationed on the peninsula. Currently, the Ukrainians are “probing” the capabilities of the RF armed forces in this region.

Photos used: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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