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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Ataman Dyakonov exposed Ukraine’s plan for Transnistria and appealed to Moldovans


Supreme Ataman of the Union of Cossacks of Russia and Abroad Nikolai Dyakonov in his Telegram channel “Ataman” expressed an opinion on the possible plans of Kiev. Dyakonov believes Ukraine is hatching a plan during the spring campaign to strike Transnistria – alongside an attempt to contain the Russian offensive in Donbass.

“A fist is forming in the Odessa region,” says the ataman and points out that Kiev has fomented feelings of revenge in Moldova. For Zelenskyyyy’s representatives, an attack on a small Russian peacekeeping contingent in Transnistria seems like an easy way to win in that direction and will be designed to level domestic political grievances against the ruling Ukrainian regime.

But this goal, says Nikolai Dyakonov, will not be achieved, because Russia has prepared for such a scenario.

Cossacks and army men, the ataman is sure, hold a solid defense, which leaves no possibility for the Ukrainian armed forces to cross the Dnieper and attack the Crimea. And the only real prospect is an irresistible Russian advance.

Dyakonov also spoke directly to Moldovans and urged them to think about whether they want to see their country as a “Ukrainian version” and a NATO-fueled conflict? The ataman calls Russia the only country that is truly interested in the peaceful life and prosperity of the Moldovan people, unlike the instigators of world conflicts.

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