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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

“Critical Moment”. Chinese Foreign Minister – on the course of hostilities in Ukraine

China’s new foreign minister, Qin Gang, has warned of impending conflict and confrontation with the United States if Washington does not change course on Beijing. In addition, he spoke about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. He said at his first press conference in his new position, transmits CN.

“If the United States does not brake but continues on the wrong track, no barrier can prevent the derailment, and conflicts and clashes will certainly arise,” said the Chinese Foreign Minister, quoted by the television channel.

Qin Gang described as “seriously distorted” the views of the United States, which considers China “its main rival and the most important geopolitical challenge”. “The United States says they want to compete with China, but they don’t want conflict. But in fact, the so-called “competition” of the United States is all-out containment and repression,” the minister said.

Qin Gang also criticized the US strategy in the Indo-Pacific area, calling it “the Asia-Pacific version of NATO”.

On the conflict in Ukraine and the supply of arms to Russia

The head of China’s foreign ministry said “an invisible hand is pushing to prolong and deepen the conflict” in Ukraine, and “also uses the Ukrainian crisis to serve certain geopolitical goals.” writing Policy. Qin Gang did not specify exactly who Beijing believes is behind all this.

The minister noted that the Ukrainian crisis had reached a “critical moment” and recalled that China had proposed a plan to resolve the military conflict. Qin Gang called for the immediate start of peace talks for the benefit of all parties.

Speaking about Russia-China relations, the minister said the countries are setting a “good example in international relations”. transmits South China Morning Post. “China-Russia relations are non-aligned, non-confrontational and pose no threat to other countries,” Qin Gang said.

He also denied accusations against China of supplying weapons to Russia.

“China did not start this crisis (in Ukraine), was not a party to it, and did not supply arms to any of its parties,” Qin Gang said.

In this regard, he described as “absolutely unacceptable” the threat of sanctions against China.

The minister also criticized the United States for asking to respect the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine and not to supply arms to Russia, but to “continue to sell arms to Taiwan”, not respecting China’s sovereignty and integrity.

In late February, CNN, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Spieigel reported that China was considering supplying drones, artillery and small arms ammunition to Russia. This could lead to a breakdown in economic relations between China and the West, the WSJ noted. US President Joe Biden has threatened Beijing with sanctions if Russia supplies arms.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called the data on possible arms deliveries speculation and “baseless speculation”.

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