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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Elon Musk takes on Harald and says he’s after the money


There’s no end in sight for mogul Elon Musk and Icelandic entrepreneur Haraldar Inga Þorleifsson’s incredible writing divide on Twitter. Elon says Harald is looking for a high payout with his behavior on Twitter today.

The prelude to the case is that Haraldur, who was a short-term employee of Twitter after selling his Twitter company Ueno, bluntly asked the tycoon whether he was still an employee of the company or not. Harald’s access to company systems was recently blocked, but he has not received confirmation from the human resources department whether or not he was terminated.

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The messages have since passed between men today, and their communication has attracted the attention of the world. Haraldur has high contract payments from Twitter due to the sale of Ueno, his professional contribution was part of that deal, but now Haraldur fears that Elon will not honor the agreements made.

Elon said in a recent tweet that Haraldur has a large and respected Twitter account and is wealthy. The reason he applied publicly is that he is looking for a high payout. However, he has produced little to no work for the company in the past four months. Elon’s tweet then gets even weirder when he claims that Haraldur quit work on the pretext that he couldn’t type on a keyboard, but now he’s creating a Twitter storm on his keyboard.

Haraldur appears to be responding to those text messages with a video that shows a man harassing a donkey and taking vicious revenge.

— Halli (@iamharaldur) March 7, 2023

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