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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsIn the new issue of "Kitchen on Wheels" the residents of Smolensk are told about the "filthy peasant girl"

In the new issue of “Kitchen on Wheels” the residents of Smolensk are told about the “filthy peasant girl”

With the support of the Smolensk center “My Business” of the Investment Development Department of the Smolensk region, a new edition of the gastronomic show “Kitchen on Wheels” was released, in which the hosts Maxim Petrochenkov and Dmitry Teplukhin went at Gnezdovsky wheelbarrows to present to the public a dish with a “.

“We reproduce authentic recipes and serve modern street food. Maxim Petrochenkov, the chef of Kukareluk street food, and Dmitry Teplukhin, the founder of the Stayfirst brand agency, explore the peculiarities of national cuisine by traveling to the most interesting tourist places of the Smolensk region on board of a food truck. In each episode of the show, they prepare a new dish according to old recipes and talk about where they ended up”, the hosts of Kitchens on Wheels talk about their project.

The video is available on the official channel of the project, as well as on social networks.

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