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Monday, March 27, 2023

Psychologists explain the emergence of the fear of clowns

The journal Frontiers in Psychology has published the results of a study by scientists from the University of South Wales, who set out to identify the most common causes of fear of clowns. The results are shocking, but the consolation is that, according to the assurances of psychologists, the fear inspired by clowns disappears with age.

The most common reason turned out to be that it is impossible to recognize the emotional reactions of a person wearing makeup, as well as the deliberate unpredictability of their behavior.

Besides the fact that dense makeup does not allow reading psychological reactions, clown makeup often has a threatening appearance and can resemble the consequences of blood loss. However, as noted by British scientists, the negative experience of children with a clown very rarely causes a real phobia.

“It is also important to point out that the unpredictable behavior of the clowns causes us some unease. The negative portrayal of clowns in popular culture, such as in the movie It, has also contributed to the spread of this fear. “” article in a scientific journal.

However, perhaps the most shocking detail found by the researchers is that the percentage of those who report having a strong fear of clowns is slightly higher than for many other phobias. Judging from the data provided, the researchers found about 5% who were very afraid. But if you add here the fact that another 53% are simply afraid, the picture is not at all funny.

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