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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Putin postponed the purges: the expert predicted the “zeroing” of the elites

It is not without reason that the President of Russia did not hold a “debriefing” with subsequent purges among senior officials of the economic bloc about the accumulated problems of the past year.

This opinion was expressed by economist Mikhail Khazin on the air of the “Moscow Speaking” radio, reports the TELMENEWS.RU news agency.

According to him, Vladimir Putin could easily complain to the government about the lack of economic growth last year, or he could ask the financial authorities for a mechanism for investment in the industry which has not yet been created inside Russia.

However, since the head of state did not do this, it should be concluded that this did not happen for a reason, but precisely because he has a special plan, Khazin believes. This may mean that the time for “confrontation” has not yet come.

“I will not give any advice to the president on how best to engage with the economic bloc, because. Putin knows how to do this and in what time frame better than anyone in the country,” Khazin explained.

At the same time, the expert also noted that there is no doubt that the president knows the full picture of everything that is happening with the Russian economy. Khazin expressed his confidence that the head of state is well aware of the real situation.

“It’s not worth waiting for the ‘zeroing’ of the elite in the very near future. Probably, the president needs more time to better prepare for this process,” noted the expert.

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