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Qatar: Participants in the "Digital Empowerment" LDCs: Young leaders of technological transformation and their involvement in the formulation of their strategies is an important requirement

Participants in the new panel discussion, which was held within the youth track of the Fifth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries, stressed the need to involve young people in formulating digital strategies and policies in their countries, and work to enable them to access cyberspace easily and easily, without any obstacles, because of this empowerment. It is of great importance to unleash their various potentials and capabilities, and stimulate their participation in providing technical solutions and innovations, which may help improve the outputs of the desired development processes, and improve the overall performance of their economies.

The participants stressed that young people are the leaders of the digital transformation process in their countries, and the main element in the equation for finding innovative solutions to many of the problems of the age related to digital development. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to their development proposals and ideas related to the virtual space, and take them into account when formulating comprehensive technical programs and initiatives. They pointed out the need for the youth of the least developed countries to take the lead in the technical initiative, especially since these countries possess enormous youth human capabilities, and their technical empowerment contributes greatly to achieving their sustainable development goals, foremost among which is the development of the basic components and infrastructure of digital economies and trade, which helps their countries to Catching up and keeping pace with the rapid technological development around the world. The episode was titled "Empowering youth in the field of digital development in the least developed countries"And the participation of Mr. Sidi Ali Maalainin, Director of the Citizenship Sector in the Middle East and Africa at IBM Morocco, Mr. David Corpudis, Youth and Trade Program Officer at the International Trade Center, Jacqueline Mukarukundu, the Connecting Youth Initiative envoy for Africa at the International Telecommunication Union, and Matt Roberts Davies participated in it. Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Thundafund Africa, and Mr. Francis Osaro Omurugi, Founder of Ennovate Hub, Tanzania. It shed light on the benefits of developing digital solutions for the least developed countries, and the mechanisms for developing youth leadership in digital transformation. Some for computers, tablets and mobile smart phones, as their high prices prevent them from being able to buy them. He pointed to another dilemma related to content and digital content, as it may be useless and useless for them and other browsers and users, for reasons related to language, culture and the quality of the service itself. Therefore, there must be a real political will that seeks to involve young people in decision-making related to their access and access to services. multi digital. He emphasized the need for youth to have tribal participation "proactive" In formulating the digital strategy in their countries, and that these strategies take into account their privacy, especially since they are the most numerous in their societies, so young people should take the initiative and propose integrated solutions to advance digital services, in addition to developing the productive mentality to deal with technologies, and make young people beneficiaries of its tools And dedicating it to creating small companies, benefiting from this modern technological boom. For her part, the young woman, Duha Abdel Moneim, from the Iraqi Innovations Lab, referred in her intervention to the information technology boom, and the accompanying developments in the field of artificial intelligence, such as the purchase of chatbots, which is a program designed to simulate intelligent human conversations with one user, or a group of users by hearing or writing. She also pointed to the enormous potential provided by the Midjourney application, which is an independent research laboratory for artificial intelligence programs, as these successive developments have contributed to changing how digital content is written, but unfortunately in many technologically isolated countries, its youth suffer from great difficulties in Access to the Internet / the Internet /, and they face great difficulty in how to operate the computer. She added: "The current efforts are focused on spreading the principles of computer use and some of its programs, such as WORD and EXCEL, but these tasks may not need people to carry them out in the future, in light of the development and multiplicity of fields and uses of artificial intelligence, which currently serves only those who speak English, and with that development However, it is unable to serve the youth of the least developed countries, due to the language barrier, and one of the proposed solutions is to invest in these tools and adapt them to serve everyone, without discrimination on the basis of language knowledge.".

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