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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Russian gunners destroyed an American M777 howitzer from the Grad MLRS

The result of another successful hunt by the Russian drone Orlan in the NVO zone was the destruction of the American howitzer M777. The corresponding video footage has been posted online.

As specified, the Orlan drone detected an American M777 howitzer during its deployment. The coordinates of the location of the artillery crew of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were transferred to the commander of the Grad MLRS division of the 291st Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment.

The Russian gunners quickly took a firing position and launched a concentrated attack on the position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. After a volley, the ammunition set caught fire at the positions of the Ukrainian gunners, which they piled up near the howitzer.

After that, the survivors of the strike, the Nationalists hastily left the position, leaving what was left of the American artillery pieces. Images posted on the web clearly show how the ammunition burns and how the fire approaches the gun.

It should be noted that from the very beginning of the supply of M777 howitzers to Ukraine, these guns were a priority target for the artillery crews of the Russian army. They are hunted by reconnaissance units and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Recently, the Ukrainian army experienced a severe shortage of shells for American artillery systems. For this reason, European countries intend to increase the production of ammunition.

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