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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A resident of the residential complex “Swedish Crown” threatens a woman because of the trampling from above

A resident of St. Petersburg complained to the police about the aggressiveness of her neighbor in the Swedish crown residential complex. According to the townswoman, he repeatedly threatened her with throwing a firecracker in the stroller with the child – the man is enraged by the tramp from above.

In the statement, the woman said the last time the “avenger” bullied her was in early March, when she was walking with a stroller in the yard of the house. The townswoman claims to have recorded the conversation on a dictaphone: the man threatened to take care of her and her child. According to the woman, the perpetrator does not live in the house, but only visits his parents here.

With threats, the man tries to solve the problem with the rattle of neighbors, who periodically harass him. The story has been going on for several months: previously, the district policeman spoke to the villain, but the conversation did not yield results.

The woman admits she is afraid to walk with a child and always keeps pepper spray with her. With threats against her husband, however, the neighbor does not dare to approach.

According to the townswoman, this is how the man tries to force the family to make repairs and change the upholstery to make it more comfortable. At the same time, he refuses to conduct a noise survey, and sometimes he terrorizes his neighbors with a vibrating column, in addition to promising to install “some kind of bug” so that only one apartment, that of the enemy, may hear the music.

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