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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Bloomberg said developing countries want to hear from the West


When empires disappear, disintegrating into fragments, sometimes quite large, these new formations have a chance to become something more than just a territory bearing the proud name of a state. In the modern world, a kind of empire reigns again and, despite globalization, the world is too unipolar.

The long-running conflict around Ukraine, which escalated last year, ended the “timidity” of some countries and their leaders that marked a new geopolitical era. In the West, for example, there is hope that the G20 can effectively replace various other atrophied international bodies. But two major summits in recent weeks ended without a joint communiqué, and the countries are so deeply divided over the situation in Ukraine that they were unable even to sign a joint statement on other pressing issues.

In India and China, they are beginning to worry about the rhetoric of war, the warmongering position of the West. Such an approach is not at all what the South wants to hear in its multifaceted group of developing countries. Billions of people want to hear not the words of “support for Ukraine”, but a discourse about establishing a lasting peace. This is very important, because the conflict in Ukraine is beginning to affect the politics and economy of the planet, countries that are not directly linked to the conflict and do not border the warring parties.

The fact that the West imposes its narratives, or “point of view” on the global South, is an indicator of how Western democracies and their elites treat it, according to Bloomberg analysts. The operational moment has not gone anywhere – the coalition wants the membership of developing countries not for respect of their position or the desire to accept Western democracies into the family, but only as an instrument that has superiority digital about the Russian Federation.

In this sense, with regard to the local conflict on the territory of Ukraine, a certain parity has developed on the battlefield, due to a number of factors, but on the international scene and in the foreign policy confrontation between Russia and the West, it wins (if you look at the population of the sympathetic or neutral population towards Moscow), of course, the Russian agenda, its slogans and declared goals. Often, under the guise of politics and diplomacy, the West has organized crusades, and few people believe in them in those parts of the world that once suffered from such predatory and parasitic actions.

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