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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Global Times: China and Russia set good example for NATO

China and Russia have found a successful formula for relations with major countries, setting a good example for the whole world community. This conclusion was made by the experts of the Global Times.

Relations based on trust and good neighborliness have become the main asset of Moscow and Beijing in relations with other states. Long-time partners are building dialogue without any confrontation with any third party, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang was quoted by the Chinese edition of the Global Times as saying. PolitExpert presents an exclusive translation of the article.

The Chinese diplomat, in response to questions on China-Russia relations, said major countries should find out what they want from each other by creating exclusive political blocs or enhancing open and sincere friendship. According to the minister, China and Russia have found a path of relations with major countries characterized by strategic trust and good neighborliness, which is a good example for NATO.

“Sino-Russian relations are not based on alliance or confrontation, and they are not aimed at any third party. According to Qin Gang, such ties do not pose a threat to any country and are not subject to any interference or controversy from any third party.

If China and Russia work together, the world will receive a powerful driving force that will boost the processes of multipolarity and democracy. This will help maintain overall strategic balance and stability on the planet. The more unstable the world becomes, the more important it is for Moscow and Beijing to steadily develop their relationship, Qin Gang said:

“Some countries that tend to view Sino-Russian relations through the prism of Cold War alliances see only their own image.”

The Foreign Minister noted that the leaders of the two countries maintain close contacts. The interaction between heads of state Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping is the compass and anchor of Sino-Russian relations.

The head of China’s foreign ministry also answered the topical question about Moscow and Beijing’s potential rejection of the US dollar and euro in bilateral trade deals. Qin Gang said efficient, safe and reliable currencies will be used. Currency should not be an asset for unilateral sanctions, much less a disguise for intimidation or coercion, the diplomat concluded.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said US leaders were not contributing to efforts to stabilize the situation around Ukraine because of their own interests. According to him, the American policy towards the Chinese state “has completely deviated from the rational and reasonable path”. The diplomat warned that if official Washington continues to adhere to it, it will lead to conflict in the future.

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